Does It Matter?

Still continue with the photos from Antalya. I brought two pairs of shoes there. The other one was a pair of sneakers for run. So, the same shoes from yesterday are here, again. Does it matter? I don't think so. I love my new t-shirt and this lipstick shade. If you wonder my lipstick, you better check out my latest Youtube video. Kisses!

Statement Earrings

I haven't posted anything since March 22. I usually make strong claims like "I am back!" after a long break like this one but this time, I am not gonna. Because I really have no idea about what the next chapter of my life is. But I can talk about what I did while I am away. I am practicing yoga and pilates over a month now. The long distance runs are still on. I am training with a high discipline. Actually we can meet at Özgürlük Park, Caddebostan or Cihangir Yoga. In the meantime, I also traveled Antalya for our traditional & annual visit for April 23. These photos were taken there and I had an urge to post them immediately. I guess I missed it. Maybe I even shoot a video later today, who knows? xo