To better days...

Happiness & Complaints

Recent happiness of mine:
1. Spring has sprung!
2. My hair has grown without having a bad hair phase.
3. I get to see my family more often.
4. The number of "getting together with my girls" days increased.
5. I got back to my training routine more than ever.
6. Trying to eat healthy.
7. Watched all the episodes of all the TV series that I've been following.
8. I can READ! -without distracting myself with my iPhone-
9. Joey <3
10. The new episodes of House of Cards are here!
Recent complaints of mine:
1. I have a chronic knee pain.
2. I might be over-drinking for a while.
3. The work stuff
4. I couldn't give enough effort on my blog and Youtube channel.
5. Cleaning the house more than 3 times a week so I can't leave the home on time.
6. Distance
7. Joey's hair
8. Being too lazy to cook at home
9. Couldn't make a travel plan
10. Sleeping too early at night.

Dress up and Put On Makeup!

We decided to spent last Sunday evening with a touch of Jazz at Mellow. I wanted to make a dramatic make up and wear a romantic dress. I did the first one. Actually, the second one was also done but I wore the dress as a blouse with my latest favorite pair of jeans and heels. What do you think?