I can't exactly tell you how I am feeling lately. But it is core shaking and I lost the control of my life. I can't get how fast time passes or why I haven't been able to write blog posts. I even don't know why my diet routine had gone bad. I feel like I am not as sensitive as I used to be. But the thing is I don't care and actually all of these things makes me feel like I am alive. So, no guys, I am not complaining!  To be honest, I am loving it! Losing control of time, eating junk food just before the sleep, not knowing about Zara sale... This is  the life I've been living for a while and I really loved it! Even so, this blog is mine and reflects the best part of me, so I can't neglect it at all. So, I am posting some of my unpublished -or published- photos of mine with little stories below. Also, you can click here to watch my latest videos which I'd already added below. Be yourself! xo