Get Ready With Me

After performing a little play about 2015, I decided to post something hopeful and upbeat as I expect from the new year. This post is waaay more than just photos. I mean, you'll see a lot of photos here. -Exactly 21 of them.- But no, this is not enough. I also recorded a video while I was getting ready for this photo shoot. I prepared a "Get Ready With Me" video by showing you how I apply my favorite make up. The video is linked below. You can watch it right after the photos. Also, to watch my other videos and to subscribe my channel, click here. Write your comments about the video, the post and this beautiful vintage coat that I am deeply in love. There is something else that I am wondering: what are you guys doing while you are reading this post? For example, I am sitting on my favorite corner at home while sipping tea. Write on a comment on Instagram. Kisses <3

Looking Over 2015

Ben kendimi en iyi yazarak ifade ederim. Konuşurken önceden aklımda kurduğum bazı şeyleri unuturum hep. Kompozisyon yazılılarını çok severdim o yüzden hep. Yazmayı poz vermekten, fotoğraf çekmekten bile çok severim. O yüzden sanırım burada da kıyafetlerim fotoğraflarda, kendim de yazılarında oluyorum. İkisi de benim aslında. Ama yazmayınca gözlerim görmüyor gibi...

Boyfriend TAG

This time I manipulated my boy friend and have him sit with me for a boyfriend tag video. He is not happy, you'll see. But I had so much fun! :) To see more, click here. Merry Christmas <3

Get Ready in 5

Hi everyone! I posted a video on Youtube before regarding me getting ready in 5 minutes. You can watch it via clicking here. Hey! Don't forget to subscribe. xo

Anniversary State Of Mind

Today is our 7th anniversary! I just wanna celebrate it! even the blog wouldn't exist if it wasn't for you. I might have little problems of my own but I am the luckiest girl on earth because I have you. Kisses <3

Pose, Share, Leave

This post is a left over from last month but I know exactly how I felt while my photos were being taken because the feelings haven't left me yet. This post is not about happiness, hope or anything that makes you feel bright. It's about the lack of them. I don't see hope in me or around me. Little bit moody. Grumpy. Actually, I trust myself in any case but people are weird and I don't believe in them. They make me lose the track of myself. Anyway, when I don't mention the every details of my issue, it sounds like a teenage problem. So, it is best for me to do what I know best: Pose, share and leave.

Burgers For Breakfast

Hi everyone! Here is a video of homemade burgers for breakfast with eggs and cheese! Bon apetite! 

What's In My Bag?

Hey heeey! Have you seen my latest videos on Youtube? Click here to watch them all and please do not forget to subscribe! xo

Talk About Sunday

Hi everyone! I am very excited to share these photos with you since I really liked them. I wore this outfit for a cozy event on Sunday. This oversize pink coat was one of the best investments of last year. I combined it with a touch of black and natural make up, plus sneakers. I loved the result. What do you think?