I am Back!

Well, I have to admit: I had a great summer! I am truly, deeply grateful for these great two months. As I mentioned before, first two moths of summer hadn't been the best but the following duo was amazing! Especially last vacation of me and Mert was spectacular! I will write about it in details later. For now, I leave you guys with an outfit post from August. I am behind my schedule but I'll catch up. Goodbye summer! You had been good to me. Come again. -quickly- You'll be missed. xo

Simply Happy

This is a lovely corner from our home at Bodrum where we shot lots of photos. I love this place because it smells like summer! White houses, pink flowers and the green washes all over my soul. My favourites of all time! After these photos, my boyfriend and I watched the sunsets at the side of a bottle of well-deserved wine at Gümüşlük and by wearing these outfit I feel like a total summer girl!

New Home Approach

Since I moved into a new apartment, I am on new ideas about decoration. Some of them are already applied but the biggest part of it has not been ready yet. I was a girl who wants everything at once before, now I accept the fact that it will be done in time, slowly but the way I wanna do it exactly. So, I took it easy, created an archive which is full of minimalistic photos and decided to share some of you with you guys. It seems like new home will have a nordic soul with a lot of plants.