Metal - Concrete - Cotton

A few days ago, we had a couple of friends over for dinner. Mert cooked a special made pasta and I made my special salad. After the dinner, we made some music and had fun. Before the dinner, my boy friend and I went for a grocery shopping. I had this outfit for that. Actually, I had already had this look before and also had photos taken but accidentally deleted them. So, I can finally share this outfit with you guys. The heels that I picked for the day is a little bit of chic for a grocery shopping, I admit. But, I have already told you I looove grocery shopping and love to wear something special. :) xo

A Birthday Gift

My birthday is May 5th. Everyone loves their birthdays but I love 5th of May even more since it's like a celebration for summer and the spring is at its best on that date. Anyway, my mother bought me the jumpsuits as a birthday gift. I've already worn them a couple of times but now had a chance to post the photos. It has already became a favourite on my wardrobe.

Baby Blue, Once Again!

I found myself trying new kind of make up styles with different colours. Actually it is often a mix of my eyeshadow palettes. Last week, first I put on my make up and then picked my outfit accordingly. Usually it works the other way around. Also, I decided not to grow my hair for a while. Have a nice week!

Dinner O'clock

I've recently started not to put on make up. I prefer a healthy skin rather than a heavy make up face. Sure this opinion will change soon. Anyway, these photos were taken at a family dinner. My outfit was way too casual for dinner but I wanted to go outside wearing nothing but the pyjamas. Since, I couldn't wear pyjamas for a dinner, I prefered something close to them: Extremely comfortable outfit, no make up face and Birkens. You will see lots of post with my new Birkens since I wear them with all types of outfit. xo xo

After Joey

As you all know, we have been living with a dog since November. I've already written a lot about her. Her name is Joey. I was a little bit of self-indulgent person who has obsessions about cleaning, tidiness. Also, I was extremely afraid of dogs. I had never thought about living with a dog or even open my heart to her. As I said, it was even impossible to imagine back then. And then, we met Joey, everything has changed. She was 2.7 kg when we first met. I cried a lot on the very first day of her staying. I couldn't give enough love, got alienated myself from her. I had very hard time for not being able to sleep enough, had pee on my couch and floor and everywhere. I couldn't go outside for a while. I mean, lost control of everything that I was a control freak about. And then, everything got better. I found a way to be calm. Joey learnt so fast. My friends and family were extremely big help. Then, my home is just about love and caring and giving. We became a real family. We had a great progress with her. Joey got used to not to pee inside of home after her shots had done.  Even my parents started to visit often just to see Joey more. I couldn't imagine this much of love never and ever. It's pure, eternal and unconditional love. She is more valuable to me than most of the people I know. What I am trying to say here is that don't be afraid! You owe yourself and them this favour. Everyone deserves a life that is full of happiness and love.
Ps: I am going to write a post about Joey's potty training. Everybody has their own way but I want you to listen from me for once.

Actually, this post is not a style post and this photo has nothing to do with today's topic. It's going to be a funny post -let's hope so.- All has started yesterday with me walking on the street to meet my girls. I was listening to music with headphones and singing the songs out loud no matter what people think about me or how they stare at me. It's my thing which I do when I am alone. And then, I thought about little confessions that we all have deep inside us. What if I share mine with you? Don't lie, you all have some confessions to make. Right?
Confession #1: I am singing loudly on the street when I listen to music from a headphone.
Confession #2: I hate cleaning Joey's poop 2 times a day. -Like every normal person-
Confession #3: Sometimes I do retouch on my feet when I wear heels since my feet looks like a giant vein.
Confession #4: I hate Instagram for creating an addiction. Not for the inspiration part.
Canfession #5: I have two breakfasts in a day. The one with oatmeal and the one with real Turkish breakfast.
Confession #6: Sometimes I put on my heels just for the shoot then I turn back to my flats again.
Confession #7: The key is a fine pair of shoes. No matter what other pieces.
Confession #8: I mute some of my WhatsApp Groups.

Short or Long?

Recently, I am asking the same question to everyone in my life: Should I cut my hair or let them grow? I have always been short-hair-type-of girl; so long hair means a little longer than my usual short haired head. When I have been facing with the dilemma, everybody has different opinions about the issue. So, I found myself looking my old photos and listing pros and cons. This post is like from past to present or short or long... What do you think?


I guess, I had already mentioned about Moda and how I love it there on this blog before. Also, there were lots of photo shoots of me at Moda which I did post before. However, I can't imagine myself this happy and hopeful on my previous trips here. I am on that very strange stage of my life and so excited about everything going on in my life. There is nothing to tell specifically but I can tell you this: There will be lots of changes in everything. The effects of the change have already been felt. I am trying to spare more private time for myself, to do more yoga, to eat well, to drink more water, to read & learn more. Basically taking real care of myself. Actually, there is more but nothing certain. When things get certain aspects, I will be posting them here, either. Also, the real good news is that I will focus on my blog again! I couldn't be able to post enough shoots here since I didn't have any time. But from now on, not only style posts but also staff about my dog, places that I've been to will be on the blog as well. Anyway, we were at Moda to think and talk about all these excitements in our lives and I preferred to wear these playsuits which I had worn it once before but couldn't catch for the blog. These playsuits are perfect for cool weather like we have recently in Istanbul. It doesn't fit for hotter weather since the fabric is too thick for real hot summer days. By the way, I had a gift myself: the Birkenstocks! I still can't decide whether they are ugly or not but I guess I like their ugliness in a sort of way. I could be happier if some Ice Tea didn't spill on them on the very first day that I wore them. :)