I remember mentioning my rule of not wearing jeans in the summer on one of my previous posts. Well, the season has just opened and I got rid of my jeans and wore this beautiful patterned dress instead. Actually there was a pair of sneakers on my feet but after work I combined the dress with my favourite pair of heels. I am telling you, tight-fitting dresses and the heels have magical powers.


Last Saturday, I, on my own, took a trip at Istiklal Street with three scoops of ice-cream and I really did enjoy it! I remembered how I had loved this street and had found myself there almost three times a week at the first years of the college. I guess, it has been years since I was at Taksim by myself wondering around. It's good to be alone sometimes. I made up my mind and found the inner peace once again. This is the time when everything is about to change. I have long long way to go and it felt freaking exciting. Anyway, after my Beyoglu trip, I got back home. My boyfriend and I went for a grocery shopping and then we rearrange our wardrobe all day long. At the end of the day, I was exhausted but it felt really good mentally to get rid of old stuff. Xoxo!

Birthday Week

I picked this outfit for my mother's birthday party last weekend. I found myself celebrating my own birthday though. Xo

Whites All Over Me

We are in a place that we make radical decisions in our lives. May the luck be with us! And also my new white jacket and Adidas Superstars!