Impulse Buying

Sometimes I don't even have the urge to go for shopping. However, I could be act as opposite: Sometimes I can make an impulse buying. Without blinking an eye. Like the dress in the post. Actually I didn't even notice that it is a dress. I thought I am buying a kimono. I was waiting my boy friend at the cashier and someone had just returned this piece. I didn't think. not even try it. Felt in love and bought it immediately! Then, I wore it for a lovely dinner in Antalya. One of the best decisions of my life. :)

Decisions Decisions

I am a little bit upset right now since we have just come back from Antalya for which I was so excited for weeks. Yesterday, around these hours I was buying the sneakers that you're seeing at this post, walking around with the people I love in the streets of Antalya. A couple of hours later, we were going to shoot these photos and then have the best dinner with fish & beer. Every good thing comes to an end but my boyfriend and I are at that turning point with good news & decisions. Xo!

Last Weekend

 Last weekend's outfit.

The Sun

I have a lot to scream recently but I decided to go with this one: The Sun. 

That Day...

That day started very well, went south, then got smooth again. That day, the weather was not good, then sun showed up, then got cloudy. That day, I picked the jeans first, then the heels, and the coat at last. That day, I wanted to go outside but stayed at home and then went to other side of the city. That day I was this, I was that, I was crazy. That day was the day after Friday, the day before Sunday. That day was Saturday.