A Story to Tell

The Sun has just risen and it's a bit chilly as I rush down the stairs of the classic Italian house in Fiesole which we have to ourselves for the week. I recall why my feet are moving so quickly as I think of the enormous fashion fair, delicious Italian food, tons of espresso, and better yet, the glasses of Spritz waiting for me somewhere out there. After a quick & delicious Italian breakfast with a croissant and a cup of espresso –here comes the first cup!- in Villa Bosconi with its tantalizing Toscana Valley view, I took a photo of the beauty surrounding me –not by using technology, but one that will always remain fresh in my mind. Now, it’s time to enjoy the view of Florence as I head down to Pitti Uomo.As much as what's going on in the pavilions, it's the atmosphere around me filled with laughter and the thought of all the time I'll be spending breathing in the living air that excites me as I enter a fashion fair. There is a living, breathing manifestation of Fashion inside. I remember once again why Italian men are prominent in the world's fashion literature; it's not just their jackets which fit their bodies perfectly and their classy shoes -it's the joy in their laughter, stare, and even voices which make you feel how much they enjoy the art of living...

Happy Birthday To My Love!

Last Saturday I picked the pieces which were waiting to be worn for a while for celebrating my boy friend's birthday. Actually, my shopping habit was a lot different than before. In the past, I had to wear whatever I bought on the next day. Is it a part of growing-up thing or what? Anyway, I think this little black dress goes well with the new pair of heels. Unfortunately I got sick and we had to turn back home and I haven't been able to get up from the bed since yesterday. Don't worry, I am okey now. Wish you all a healthy week!

Red Domination

An office outfit from last week which I can not post until now. Today is my boy friend's birthday but I couldn't get up from the bed since I got sick. At least we had a little celebration yesterday. Have a nice Sunday!

Comfort Zone

Last Saturday, I really needed to calm myself since last week was crazy busy. So, my boyfriend, friends and I went to another friend's home for breakfast. Well, the plan was just for the breakfast but we ended up having dinner together. Another thing is my love Joey finally met her sister Waffle! To be honest for this extra relax day, I wore whatever I found because I had no energy to think about my outfit. Anyway, I loved the outfit. They may be irrelevant pieces but I felt comfy in it and that was what I needed. Oh, this love scene may come from my latest love affairs: my jeans & coat.