Last weekend when there was still snow on the ground with my new jean and latest favorite booties. 

Today I am...

To be honest, snowy weather is my thing, I can't get enough of it. It gives me a peace of mind. The only problem is that it can not be handled well in Istanbul. Snow creates more chaotic situations as if it's not chaotic enough. So, I was very happy to woke up in a sunny Sunday morning today. I got the chance to have a lovely brunch with my family & Joey in my new trench coat. Actually it's not only a coat but also a dress which I'll be wearing a lot in Spring.  Anyway, I am writing this post from the same place that we had brunch and started to get upset since Monday is almost here. Have a nice week!

Saint Valentine

Actually, I think of Valentine's Day as a commercial rather than a day of love. But it doesn't stop me wondering about the question of what my boyfriend could prepare for me. I've gotta say he prepared the most creative and exerted gift for me. He gave me his present on 13th and on Valentine's Day we spent the whole day together. Since I often work on Saturdays now, we couldn't able to spend as much time as we did before. So spending the whole day together was like a therapy. We went to recently opened places that we wanna go for a while and for the night we were at Mellow in Cihangir having some good food & jazz. Have a nice week! xo

Bad Trip

Let me introduce you with the pieces of my outfit: My newest partner, that pink coat that I wanted to share with you for a while but I couldn't till now, my new clutch which is a precious gift from my boy friend's mother, my old and faithful little black dress and Nike Air Force 1 sneakers which were added to my sneakers collection couple of months ago. Last Sunday how happy we all are...