The Pink Cure

I am very frustrated about not posting any outfit posts here lately. Actually you may be surprised if you ever bump into me on the street these days since I can not taking care of myself in fashion wise recently. However, my personal care is always a priority even though I look miserable. Those products are the loves of my life. Some of them are new comers and others has been with me for quite a long time. I realised all of them are almost pink and I need to say I am very pleased to use. So, wanted to share with you. Okey, a little confession: Why I love them so much is because they'r all pink. xo   

Another #bw Post

I couldn't pull myself together and write down anything here. I am either so tired to write anything or do not have any photos to post. We took those shots last weekend right before we went to see the play "Kim Korkar Hain Kurttan". First we ate something, walked around and drank some good coffee in the places where we've just discovered. It was only two weeks ago but it is felt like a hundred years ago since both Joey and Mert are not home since the last week and won't be for another week. The worst thing about working for long hours is missing them so much.

Baby Blue

Finally! I wasn't able to post anything here for over two weeks since I've been working for long hours and also the weather was freezing. I got up in a very good mood when I saw the Sun in the sky. When the weather is not good, I even don't wanna put make up on. So, today I wanted to wear something special after long cold days. Actually, my new trousers and heels are not so comfortable for a Sunday mood but I guess without make up, I obeyed one of the rules of Sunday. This weekend was for family time and in the morning I took my outfit and went for a Sunday brunch. The most important thing of the day is that today is the first time that Joey went outside. All of us are so happy like a little kid! Have the best Sunday. Ezgi,

Happy #2015!

Well, I hate January 1st as much as I love the New Year's Eve. I don't know why but today makes me feel depressed. But as a resolution, I will change the situation when I feel that way. So, here I am to write this post to change the mood since my blog and writing give me a peace of mind even though I have to work today. Actually I am very proud and happy because my blog is 2 years old now and I was planning to do something special. However, lately I can barely make time for shooting. Anyway, this photos belongs to last Sunday which is the last time the Sun was seen. I can't tell you that I am not happy with all that rain and snow outside. What makes me really sad is Istanbul itself. Xo