Blurred Lines

The traditional or usual cuisines bored us. So we looked a place for cheese fondue in Istanbul for our anniversary dinner and found it. It was soooo good! Well, I had no intention to share these photos and yet  liked the story of them and even made them more blur. Xx,  

6th Anniversary

Last Saturday was one of the best days in my entire life! My bf and I celebrated our 6th anniversary and instead of exchanging gifts, we spent the whole day outside. Since we have Joey now, this was the most valuable gift to each other. The weather was outstanding and we headed every places that we've been looking forward to go. All day was spent on eating, drinking and fashion shooting for sure. The photos that you are about to look became one of my favourite. Actually, I wasn't wearing anything special but I guess the happiness and the pleasure of wearing baby pink reflect to the photos. The colors have power. Xx,

Captured Moments

I wasn't able to post proper style post and yet I have a brand new job! So, the agenda of the blog is not clear for now but I am a girl who take photos with the iPhone cam with  powerful dedication. And then, after time passed away, I look at them to see what I captured. Today was one of those days. I checked my phone's photo album and they reminded me of all good times which made me feel an urge to share with you. Plus, the dusty effect on the photos are so valuable. It says they are not perfect but they are so real. Anything who is far from perfection seems real to me. The photo above was from Alps which I captured when we were on the plane to Marseille.

Cozy & Simple

Last weekend, my family, best friends and their family and I had a great Sunday afternoon. I picked a cozy and simple outfit since it was a Sunday, plus I needed to decide fast. So, there is not much to say about my look except from my new coat and messy hair. 

Usual Stuff

The best way of dressing is using my old clothes in different ways and wearing summer clothes in winter. We took these photos after the vet while Joey was sleeping due to her weekly shot. I combined my summer dress, usual black turtleneck and classic belt. Sorry for the dog hair on me. xo xo

The Story of My Blog

Before I started to write this post, I read almost all of the previous posts of the blog and realised I wrote everything here but the story of my clothes. This blog became a diary and it is full of daily stories such as the things I ate, drank, the places I've been into etc. Plus, there are some aggressive posts and protests written here. I felt happy as I read them since it was like reading my very own life after years. For instance, I took a look of my first posts and how unprofessional are they! I am happy to have them as well, though. Well, apparently I am looking for a reason to be happy. God bless the month of December! It brought me good news and also bright Christmas lights everywhere give me eternal peace. Anyway, you see I forgot to mention about my look, again. I guess someone will find me  getting drowned in one of these turtlenecks. I've gotta say, it was a pure pleasure to wear one of these especially in a sunny Sunday, after jogging and while heading to have a muffin. Well, I suppose I look like a muffin in that jumper and that's what makes me happy. :) About the yellow coat, you are looking at a coat which I didn't think that it's my style until I try and felt in love with it. xoxo

Real Me

You know how much I care about my clothes because they make me feel so damn good. I know it's not a common rule but I have a head start on the day. It's not about someone else. It's about me beating myself. I beat my grumpy self right after I wake up. I feel more hopeful and confident. Dressing well enables to express myself without even a word. For example, last Friday I woke up feeling bad since my skin was not even and my hair had gone crazy. I knew that I wasn't looking and feeling good. However, after I got dressed, there was no shadow of my former self. It might be a silly way of thinking. At the end, the clothes are pieces of formed fabric which we pay the price for and own them but it doesn't hurt anybody, does it? About the details of my outfit, I was sure that I was gonna wear the mint jumper from Modagram but to be honest I wasn't gonna put whites and mint jumper together. There was a complete different outfit idea on my mind but things got changed and I improvized something else. This is better since this is more real. This is me. Okey, I talked too much.


These photos were taken last week, when I went on a date with my boy. So, they are a bit old and the only think that I can remember from that day is that the weather was freezing. Well, I love wearing beanies and layers but it's not like summer. I hate the fact that when I go inside, I have to put off all the stuff and have to carry them with me. Anyway, here are the photos from a day which I fed my appetite with lots of sushi. Happy weekend!

Sunday Joy

Last Sunday, My family and I had one of those amazing breakfast rituals. Although the weather was awfully rainy, my new boots and delicious Turkish breakfast table made my day. I suppose there is no problem that a fine breakfast can't solve. Ups, I got hungry as I write. I guess, I am gonna have one of those "breakfast for the dinner" joy. :)

And Yet Another Movie Night

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I went to see the movie Interstellar. I am so glad we did since I loved the movie and it was the kind of movie that you need to see it on theather. Okey, I admit that I won't be felling like this it if I haven't seen Cosmos before because then, it would be difficult to understand all the cosmic, time and space stuff. Anyway, even though the first half an hour seemed a little bit unreal -I mean the part where they are still on earth- , I didn't realise how the rest of the movie which is more than two and a half hour passed by. Plus, I am more glad to had my hair cut after I watch Anne Hathaway. :) So, here is my look for the movie night with a little bit of shopping and coffee aside. I don't know why but skirts were off the table for a while. So, it was good to wear one with a comfortable jumper and different hair & make up style once in a while. Well, other people who have seen Interstellar, what about you guys? Did you like it? I wonder your opinions. Xx,