Men's Wear Inspired

Here comes finally the last one of the fashion week outfits. I couldn't make any time to take new shoots since the days get shorter and shorter but I will be on duty asap. By the way, while my blog is almost 2 years old, I had the best news that could happen to a blogger: I was on an article of Refinery29 with this outfit. I can't say how much I am glad and flattered guys. Genuinely thank you.

The Boots

Oh, those boots... The minute I saw them at Zara, felt in love with the pair but despite the fact that how much I looked for, I couldn't find my size in any stores. Well, I succeed and did find them as you may see and took them a test drive for the grocery shopping. And now, I literally live in them. Honestly, I am not as sad as most of you people who live in Istanbul due to rain since I get to wear them again! :) What makes them so special and urgent / invisible need is both the color and the shape & height of the heel. You know the situation when you bought a pair just to fulfil your consumption passion and then the more you use it, the more you realize actually how much you like and needed those and even't don't want them to get old. -ie. the woman in the photo below- This is the best kind of shopping! Have a nice week. Xx,  

Contemporary Ethnic

Well, I started to the post with "here we are with me and my useful piece of dress / cardigan" and suddenly I realized that I came up with the same sentence recently. I've posted the first day of MBFWI outfit with my long burgundy cardigan as you may remember. I guess, I am a real fan of the items which you can use in several ways. When I was a child, double-sided clothes were my thing, as well. Anyway, the day started as a slow Sunday but now I need to hurry and head to the gym, then get my nails done and work on my current projects. Fortunately, the clocks went back an hour last night, otherwise it is impossible for me to find enough time for all of those things. Have nice Sunday!

Hats Off

And yet, outfits from Fashion Week has not been coming to an end... Meanwhile, I plan to post something else from my daily shoots. Anyway, the point of the post is the last two photos which were taken by Engin Pulat at the Fashion Week. I guess, these are the photos that I love the most of all. Thank you Engin! As any decent human beings do, I also like to share the work that I am really connected and loved. Have a supersonic Thursday!


I must say that there were other photos that we took for this outfit but I don't want to jinx these ones since Kayan Ergun sent me the photos which he took during the Fashion Week and I loved them! Some people are just so talented. If you search for his work or at least take a look at his Instagram account, you will see what I mean. Anyway, this was the second day outfit of MBFWI. You know, I love wearing single colored outfits and yet I love wearing all whites even more. On the other hand, I feel like I am losing interest in colourful clothes. It may be the time to pick some colourful items. Well, I do have a shopping list as you guess and as always but recently I spend my money for home decoration stuff. You might as well say that we created a new home. Oh, maybe I can write down a post about it. Xx, 

Lady Faith by Nazlı Soylu

If you follow my blog or my Instagram account, you would know that I am in self development stuff for a while. Unless you knew, this is the Introduction to Self Development 101 post. Basically, I am trying to live in that exact moment and let the wind blow me away. Still, it is not possible to write my experience and change here with a couple of sentences. Actually, there is a better way to tell you about it that I have been working on but it has quite a long way to take. While I was working on my kind of way about self development, last week at MBFWI Nazlı Soylu presented the best way to tell her own inner journey with an exquisite show. I had already thought her as a great designer since she does not only designing the perfect collections but also her genuine responses to my mails and yet I couldn't imagine this much of a show which enables me to find myself on a runway and I definitely do not expect to hear all those sentences that I tell myself almost every day! It was more than a runway show, more like a getting our inner energy out in the open and I watched it with goose bumps and tears on my eyes. Personal style and likes might be relative but I've never seen somebody who enables to transfer all of herself, her energy and inner peace to her work so solid. Maybe I admire the work so much since I realise that there are other people around me on the same ship and on this very personal journey. So, seeing the Inner Goddess Collection was a great experience for me. I wanted to thank Nazlı Soylu for her positive energy, her designs and everything. I can't wait to see more!

Bold & Sharp

Well, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul is finally over and yet I can barely post the first day's outfit. This week enabled me to think and reorganize my thoughts and besides helped me to make some important decisions about my work. Plus, lots of people that I had met this week! It couldn't be more efficient and it's not only about fashion base. Now, it's time to post the Fashion Week on the blog and breath & reboot for new comings. Anyway, I wore this old burgundy cardigan million times before, which left me from my mum  but it was the first time that I wore it as a dress. It seems like it won't be the last time. Xx,

#MBFWI Day1 - Ece Gözen

Yesterday was the first day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week  Istanbul. As most of the bloggers will do, I will be running around the runways and sharing the stuff that I liked on my blog. -Such a cliche but so much fun!- I decided to share one designer's collection that I love the most at a time instead of sharing them together. Here we are starting with talented Ece Gözen. As you might remember, last year I also posted her work - you can see it from here- and yet I need to post her collection this year as well. The collection had brought so many different adjectives together in a classy manner like grunge but minimalist and yet elegant and classy while it's so cool... Congratultions Ece for being so talented, creative and successful. The photos were taken by Mert. For more, my Instagram account works like an online blog. Keep in touch. Xx,

Sunset Through Glass

Here comes the beanie season, yay! If you still don't have any idea how much I love the beanies / hats, I want you to stop here and check the post's of the last year winter's. That's why when I saw this bunny beanie at Zara, immediately tended towards to the cash point. Anyway, last Tuesday my boyfriend and I finally made some time for the exhibitions that we wanted to see for a while. First, we visited SALT Beyoğlu for "Summer Homes" exhibition and then headed to Istanbul Modern for "One Hundred Years of Love" which is dedicated to celebrate the 100. years of Turkish Cinema. Both of them were more than great! Actually, I wanna go and see them again but in the meantime I need some rest since I got flu and yet this week is gonna be a crazy one. By the way, there is a lot going on in my life recently. I can't wait to share them with you and hope I will be sharing all of the stuff soon that I'm dealing with. Have a nice Sunday night and a week, as well. Xx,

Bare To #bw

Actually, I am loving these kind of posts with all the imperfections & flu -even ugly- scenes. It is felt more real and more like me. Honestly, more like a human-being with real me, all my flows and short-comings. I guess, I got so bored and annoyed with all the role playings that people do all the time. We are doing the wrong thing by trying to look like a person that we are not. We forget who we really are. We have all done this. The only thing that we need is to find the moments that make us remember who we are and not to take ourselves so serious. I found mine's and trying to increase the number of those. That's the kind of thing making someone very lucky. We all have those things but yet most of us are not aware of. Anyway, I wish you all a very good day with the awareness of your own realities at the side of a huge smile.

Black & Brown

Here is the first official AW14 post of the blog which was shot before the eid and here I am to post it on a chilly Wednesday noon. The look was picked to wear for a couple of things to do at school and then, a great sushi place that we stopped by with our friends. So, that was a pretty cozy day. By the way, I am a very lucky girl since I got to spend the holiday with my family in Izmir which I really love and did and ate and drank all the stuff that I've been missing. The weather was outstanding and we were almost heading to the south coast instead of coming back to the city unless my brother has stuff to do in Istanbul. Anyway, face to the truth: the vacation is over now and the winter is coming. I can't say that I am complaining about the truths now because I really really need to pull myself together since I've been traveling for a long time. It's time to settle because I feel a bit tired of all those rush. It's good to be back home and back to the normality. Now I can do my grocery shopping as I wish. Oh, I realized that I didn't suggest any songs as I do before. So, here is the song of my mood♫ Xx,

Mrs. Burgundy Meets Mr. White

Last week, my hand instantly went for the whites for the clothes and burgundy for the details. I love wearing solo-colored outfits. Have a nice week!

Fall Colors

I have to say that I loved this post and I think it's one of the best of all. A little ray of sunshine did change the whole atmosphere again and amazed us. Photos were shot on a day that I spent at school due to the internet disconnection at home. I know I am not much of a fall girl but the school is. Don't you think?