Game. Set. Match.

Please tell me: Is there any wide-open, free fields in İstanbul? Don't I see them since I've always been complaining about the chaos here? These photos were shot in Antalya last week after our mini vacation at Kaş. I really want to think that the reason that I am not aware of them is lack of my interest. Otherwise, I am 100% sure(!) that there are many many parks and sport fields in the city for public usage at the side of the sea which are clean and well-kept. Anyway, the pieces of my outfit were the last clean ones left in my bag. Do I look like that I fit the field with my whites and sneakers? Xx,

Vintage Me More!

I spent the weekend out of the city even though it was not on the plan. Well, I admit that I love to travel and I guess you all know that by now but  don't like it when it's about a winter town. Especially, when I was in my bikinis only ten days ago and wearing mini dresses at night like this post's outfit. The thing is I am going to keep on writing about the summer outfits although the winter is on the door. Fortunately, a new plan has been made and I am going to be out of town for this weekend but this time it is gonna be a place that I am deeply in love with since my childhood. Okey, promise, I won't be whining anymore after I am back from my final vacation. Xx,

Emerald Dress

It is felt so weird the fact that I was going for a swim only five days ago while I am trying to adopt the chilly weather in Istanbul now. I picked that outfit for the second night in Kaş where we've been in with my boyfriend last week and bidding farewell to the summer with the emerald dress which I wore 2 times in a row at the same week. See you next year back low cut dresses and no make up days...

The Story of The Past Weeks

I was worried about not posting anything in two weeks but couldn't do anything about it at all. I really didn't get how the time went incredibly fast. Since then, I travelled by plane for 4 times, by bus for 2 times and by car for 1 time. Woke up in 5 different cities in 5 days in a row and beat my personal record which is being in 3 different countries in 1 day. In the meantime, I had 1 very painful oral surgery, attended 1 engagement party and 1 wedding in 2 different cities and 2 family visits. I met new people at the places that I've been in. I went for swimming for 3 times and said goodbye to the summer with 1 of them. Packed for 12 times and woke up with the sound of the rain for 2 times. I ate 20 scoops of ice cream and had amazing food. 1 of them was homemade stuffed meatballs and other one was stuffed calamar with spinach and shrimps. I went off the diet for one time and on again. For the last thing, had smiles for million times. 

Sweet Autumn

 Last week, at Moda. I guess, it won't be necessary me to write again and again about how much I love Asian side of Istanbul. If you still didn't know about it, check my previous posts. Have a nice week.

Jeans Are Back?

Well, my hair has gone crazy and grows very fast and I can't make it look good at all. Need to run to my coiffeur but ohh, the laziness.. Better yet, there are weddings and engagements to attend. So, note to myself: Take the action and run to your hair dresser immediately! Anyway, last week, while I was preparing for the night which was a last minute call from my boy friend -again-, my hands instantly went for my jeans and it makes me kinda sad because you never ever see me in jeans in summer. -I don't even wear other kinda trousers unless they are soft and silky. See from the previous posts.- Moreover, I put them away till the end of the summer. That means summer is about to be over and I am starting to adopt post-summer clothes. Still, I will wear my shorts and mini-dresses as long as I can! I guess the best thing to do is not to bring jeans back for a little while. Have a supersonic day!

Very First Day of September

Here is a pair of new-in shoes to my wardrobe which I felt in love with the moment that I saw them. They were even better to wear for a Latin night with Ayhan Sicimoglu and Latin All Stars. Anyway, although I am a girl living with the sun power, now all I want is enjoy with the cool and cloudy weather outside on the very first day of September. It is too soon to be sad for welcoming the autumn, though. The summer is not over yet! Xx,