Sad Face

I was mad about something while we were shooting but I guess it is so obivous, right? I can't even remember what the issue was but it was nothing important. Hımmm, maybe the fact that these photos won't be so clear since the Sun had already gone but now I am even happy for not-so-clear photos. Anyway, who can be mad at something after a couple glasses of alcohol & meze and good sea food in Sıdıka, right? Xx,

Go Whites! -Again-

I had the weirdest day on Monday! I couldn't say more about it but I can tell you that I have a good feeling. About my outfit, these items which I'd bought them in different times were literally waiting for me to hit it off with my style. Don't you feel more innocent and happier when you wrap yourself up in whites?

Last Friday

When I use the color black & white over and over again, I have a feeling that other colors will feel alienated. So, I had a urge to use colorful items from my wardrobe asap. This is a look from a day like that. I'll be lying if I tell you that I didn't feel like Xena. The events were walking around with the lover and then dinner with the family. By the way, if you haven't tried 400 Derece's Pizzas in Teşvikiye, you need to give it a chance immediately. Xx,

10 Minutes

Here is a conversation between me and my boyfriend from last week, when I was absolutely not ready to go out yet.
-Honey, Are you ready? I am on my way.
- Yes, I am. Call me when you get here. (Fact: As I said, I was not ready at all but I was assuming he couldn't be here at last in an hour.)
Then, while I was thinking "What to wear?" in a complete care-free way without having no time anxiety, my phone was ringing again and my boy friend was telling me that he will be at home in 10 minutes(a little heart attack here)! So, here is a post which would be called as "Style Tips for Being Ready in 10 Minutes". First, you need to find your blessing little, black short which is the only item that enables me to bear the hot weather outside. After that, an XXXXL white shirt from your lover / dad / brother's wardrobe will be the next thing to put on. Then, it's middle size, colorful backpack's turn. Finally, put your darkest lipstick on and wear the biggest sunnies you have. Ta da! I am so glad my newset pair of Zara sandals suits with this outfit. Have a nice weekend! Xx,

Where The Grass Is Green and The Girls Are Pretty

Last Saturday, me and my boy friend headed to Caddebostan for a picnic. Sitting right next to the sea, watching the Sun to set and feeling the smell of grass can be easily classified as a therapy effect. Anyway, before the Sun went down, took few shoots there with my new love affair Soludos espadrilles. Planning to wear them as much as I can until the Summer is over. By the way, I am singing in quiet Paradise City from Guns&Roses, so the caption of the post is from them. Have a great weekend fellas! 

Light & Soft

On Sunday, after a full, tasteful breakfast, we took a break from enjoying with the fantastic four which are coffee-newspaper-books-puzzle and took those shoots. I am not a kind of women who wake up with knowing what they wanna wear that day. However, that Sunday was not one of those days. I exactly knew what I was gonna wear: "Something light!" It may sound a little bit odd when you put it like that but what I meant is something short, light, comfortable, one-piece and soft. I was drying my hair while thinking "Ezgi, there are no items on your wardrobe like you wanna wear today!" I couldn't think of anything. Even thought to buy something like that when I go shopping. -Did I ever mention you that I am the worst of the worsts when it comes to remember the clothes on my wardrobe?- Anyway, I went in front of my wardrobe, opened it up and ta ta! My old and faithful black, silky dress was there. La la laaaa! Well then, Is there anyone who doesn't like the recent cool weather? If you ask me, I am so grateful for it! 

Hot and the City

I am preparing to welcome new thing into my life. Actually, I even don't know exactly what these "things" are going to be. So my brain & heart live in a place which is under control of excitement and scare. Last Friday was the day which enabled some of the news to become definite. I picked that outfit for business/family dinner for the night but before that, me and my boyfriend visited some decoration stores which is our one of the favorite activities as a couple. Even though we don't buy a thing, it's always good to dream on. On the other hand, the weather didn't help at all! It was so hot and we were literally melting under the Sun when these shoots were being taken and what's worse it was about to sunset. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we did! Xx,

Contrast With White

And here I am with the last post of the holiday! On the last night, I decided on white and silver gray while I got a tan. My recent obsession white eye liner kept me company. A little break to those bronze posts until the next vacation! Xx,


One of the best part of being on a vacation is spending more time with the nature. Example: We were trying to pick up some olives from the tree, right before decided to shoot here with my brother Efe. The shadows literally amazed us. This mini dress was made from a maxi dress by me. -I can't get along with maxi dresses.- Now, I wear it on the beach with my comfy flip flops and also wear it for a night out with high heels. Can you believe I only wore it once before I shortened it? On these photos, we were about to prepare for our guests for the night. Do you have any clothes which as recycled by you like mine? 

As White As It Gets

I guess, I exaggerated wearing fly-away things but the decisions is not mine. It's the mother nature's call! Actually, I am not 100 percent satisfied with the clearness of the photos since it was about to sunset but liked them anyway. Hooray white! Hooray summer!

Bare Foot

Hi, again Istanbul! After a long, relaxing holiday, you are no good to me. As I mentioned before -you can follow for more on Instagram- I am on a holiday for 15 days. There are few things that I love as much as having a swim. I can spend all summer by being in the sea and never ever get bored. I have a little secret for you: I even go to bed early in order to wake up early in the morning and spend more hours in the sea. Happy as a child! That's why I am so depressed when came to the city and left all the beauties behind me. Plus, the inevitable presidential election... Anyway, I plugged my ears and continue to focus on my posts. About the dress, of course I wore them with a pair of sandals but I didn't want to. While I had a chance to feel the fresh grass under my feet, why would I wear shoes as long as I have to? Also, I couldn't think anything better to go with my fly-away dress. What do you think? Have a nice week fellas! Xx,

Lace Me Up

Those shoes... They've got the thing that put a different characteristic on anything you wear. Plus, armful self-confidence source. Is that normal to expect that much of thing from a pair of shoes? This is something I don't know and don't care. What I do know is that it is a profitable investment.

Something Old, Something New

Like any human-being does, I like putting an outfit with new clothes and posting with those new outfits. What I also like as much as that fact is creating different looks with my old items. Here I am with a that kind of outfit. The trousers that I wore in different style before - here is the link for the past post-,  my old fella bustier and old and faithful nude stilettos. Have a nice week!

Fly - Away

I wore this outfit for a dinner couple of days ago. A fly-away dress, a pair of brand new shoes and red lips. Like to have contrasts on me especially when I got a tan. Xx,