Well, I am on my long vacation in Bodrum, again. However, this time the theme of the holiday could be peace. I wake up at 6 am for the morning run, then go to the beach and enjoy the sea in the early hours while nobody is around, reading books, eating good food and resting as much as I can. I think this is actually what they call "holiday". Since I get very excited even for the sea like a child, the sea itself is more than enough for me to be happy. This cozy & comfy holiday style is the thing that I got easily adapted. I even don't wanted to put make up on my face. My newest trousers helped me to get more comfortable. Have a nice day everyone! Xx, 

The Perfect Summer Dress

Last week, just before we were headed to our recently-married friends' home, caught the last minutes of the Sun. I finally found the dress that I've been looking for since the summer has started. I believe, it is the perfect item that makes me feel the most comfy and stylish in it during the summer season.

Hugh Laurie Concert

Last week, Hugh Laurie who is well-known as Dr. House was in Istanbul for Garanti Jazz Festival. Before we're headed to concert, took some photos at Macka Park which I can barely post. Anyway, the concert was amazing! I am not a big fan of Hugh Laurie as opposed to my boy friend, so I couldn't sing along with all the songs and that's is a situation which makes me bored after a while. However, I had a great time there since Hugh Laurie and the Copper Bottom Band are incredibly talented and fun. I couldn't take my eyes off of the stage even for a second. Come again, please!

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

I've never been a person who prefers staying at home rather than being outside, especially when the weather is good. However, sundays are my exception. Sunday paper, coffee, breakfast, the series that I've been watching are the parts of my sunday ritual. This sunday, I had breakfast and cleaned up my home a bit. While I was watching my shows, the documentary Cosmos that I've been dying to mention came up to my mind. I guess, there would be no other day to recommend a documentary better than Sunday, right? Anyway, as some of you know I was recently graduated from management department. Even though, I am a Bogazici graduate, the knowledge of mine about cosmos, universe, our planet, physics or space had never gone beyond my own interest because they always seem so scary and complicated to me until the moment my boy friend kinda forced me to watch Cosmos. Cosmos is a 13 episodes remake documentary presented by Neil deGrasse Tyson who was the student of famous astrophysicist Carl Sagan. Now I say, I wish I could know earlier about Cosmos which tells everything about our universe and beyond in a complete easy and fun way. I watch lots of TV Shows but I've never mentioned anything else before here. This one is so special because I think every person should see it. Realizing your tiny existence in this huge universe is a vision expanding experience on its own. To make the long story short, must see it!

Bikini Top

Last week, before we went for the holiday, I was staring at my bikinis and waiting for the day that I will wear them. Then, I asked myself why would I wait? Just wear it now in the city! Actually, Leandra Medine already gave the inspiration but this black bikini top is a perfect match with my black blouse, right?

Green - White - Red: The Last Part

Well, I finally can post the last part of the trip to Italy. I guess, It's been a month since we got back here but I didn't have time to post all of them at the same week and also I would be bored if I posted them sequentially. Anyway, the last three day of the trip were in Rome and we stayed the best house, ever! I had the last delicious pizza and tasteful desserts of the trip and sip the last glass of spritz and came back home. 

Casual in Red

An outfit that I put together last week with a casual t-shirt and short. The photos were taken next to my home but I am posting it from south, near the sea. It's priceless. I love summer!

Summer Girl

Last weekend, we spent our day in Asian side of Istanbul which I love the most. Actually, we even started to look for a house to rent.  I picked an outfit for the day which extremely smells like summer: Comfy t-shirt, flyaway skirt, a pair of slippers and  sleek accessorizes. I am a summer girl, na na naaa ♫. Anyway, first we had a dinner, then walked along the seaside and watched the sunset. Even 2 hours spent there made me feel safe and sent me away from all the chaos of the city. I can't imagine how great it'd be to live there! Can't wait for it!

Excessive Denim

These photos were taken last week but I can barely post them. Ups! I got behind my schedule. I put this outfit together for a movie night.  The movie was Nuri Bilge Ceylan's Winter Sleep which is the winner of Palme d'Or in Cannes Film Festival 2014. By the way, really really liked the movie. It's because not only that I feel like I should love it. His previous movie "Once Upon a Time in Anatolia" was also a hit but I am remembering being bored from time to time during the movie. As a person who tries to avoid seeing movies at the cinema since people are distracting me by looking at their precious cell phones and chatting with the next seat, I recommend you to watch this movie at the cinema in order to appreciate the work. Xx, 

Green - White - Red: Part II

I decided to write a new post and get rid of my pessimist and sad mood. Now going on the Italian diary part 2. I am thinking of posting Part 3, as well because I love to share the photos with you. In this part of the trip, we went to the cities that I've never been before and also the places that I liked most on my previous visit. Sienna, Bologna, Milano and Como were the core of the journey. We were more conscious and picky about Italian kitchen at this time, so we had the best meals that I will never ever forget. :) Anyway, here are the photos that I liked most.


2 gündür keyfim yok. Var; ama yok. Keyfimin o kısmı artık hiç olmayacak aslında. Keyfimin olmamasının sebebi de aslında bir daha olmayacak olması. Aslında bugün kendime kızıyordum; bu son birkaç günde hazırladığım postları blogta yayınlamadım diye. Hazırladım ama. Hazır yani. Kıyafetli falan olanlardan hani. Tek yapmam gereken şey aslında "yayınla" tuşuna basmak...

How Lovely This Place Is...

I don't know why exactly but having short hair makes you feel more self-confident than ever whether it fits you or not. It's like being capable of overcoming anything that comes along your way. These photos were taken before we headed to Pitti Uomo, in Fiesole which is a lovely Italian town with its traditional Italian houses and lots of green. This particular house is Villa Bosconi which we had our breakfasts every morning there. They are not the best photos that I've ever posted here but since the feelings it gives me makes me so happy, it is the post that I wrote with lots of love.