Bora Aksu

Bora Aksu is a brilliant designer whose works I've been following for a long time. Here comes a cliché but I really didn’t know how to begin for an interview post of a designer that I admire. Anyway, it’s never enough for me to praise him since he has been already awarded many times by the fashion authorities. The only thing I surely know is that he always can manage to make me feel something even with his drawings. Every day, I found myself in a place where I think and feel something I don’t even know, by looking his drawings from the little screen of my phone. I guess that’s the thing: to make someone to feel something while being so modest. It is not enough how much I thank him!

Just For £5 x Ezgi Kırmızı

A few months ago, when online shopping site Just For £5 - click to direct to the website - contacted me, I got really excited. I got a beautiful dress from them and also spotted some of my favorites from their selection. I might say that online shopping sites is the only way that I shop nowadays. So, meeting Just For £5 was like a huge birthday gift for me. I guess, it goes without saying that everything on the website is only for 5 pounds! Here are my favorites from the website above and here is my beautiful dress below waiting for me to be worn. So, what do you think? Xx,  

Green - White - Red: Part I

When I come back from a vacation, the best thing to do for me is looking all the photos that we had during the trip. That was what I did yesterday and I saw a lots of great photos of us and the places we've been in. Actually, it wouldn't be fair to my boy friend if I get all the photo credits since he took the most of them. These photos were taken in Florence, Pitti Uomo, Sienna and San Gimignano. It was the first time that I've been in Sienna and San Gimignano. San Gimignano is an Italian town close to Florence. Although it is a small town, it became one of my favorite places. I will never forget that slice of pizza with artichoke that I had there. I don't think that there could be any pizzerias else that could ever reach that deliciousness level. However, rainy and cold weather welcomed us in Sienna, so I couldn't enjoy as much as I wish. There is a situation that I experience every time when I prepare for a trip: Say, we are here in Istanbul and the weather is hot like it is now. However the place that I will go to has a cold weather at that time of the year and I know it because I had already checked the weather forecast of that city. Although I am aware of the fact that I will need thicker clothes there, I still don't bring them since I am uncomfortably hot at that present time. This is what happened exactly on this trip. Anyway, it was good to have so much memories. X, 

Color Power

Vaaov, I haven't posted anything since when?! Last night, after a long time I checked my visitors on the blog and there were too much number on the screen! Thanks a lot guys! Anyway, there is a reason why I couldn't post anything for a long time. Those of you who follow me from Instagram may know the reason: I was in Italy for 9 days for the fashion Fair in Florence: Pitti Uomo. It was the second time that I've been in Italy. I had a chance to see all the beauties there but this time I was able to visit the cities that I've never been in. On the top, I feel blessed since I spent 4 days in Florence which I adored the last time with a bunch of fashion lovers. Actually, I think spending more than 5 days in abroad is overwhelming. So I am tired now but just physically. I landed in Turkey and started to plan this outfit post. I have so much to share with you. These photos were taken after a long visit to Pitti Uomo in Florence. I literally never took off my Nike sneakers through the whole trip. We were walking long ours across the cities so I needed a pair of comfort. I guess everyone else in the Pitti Uomo thought the same thing because Nike seems to be the official sponsor of the fair. Xx,

Short and All White

Yes, I did it! I had a new hair cut and now my hair is shorter that it has ever been. They all said not to cut it even my mom and hairstylist, but I didn't listen to them. At that moment, even I couldn't get used to my new look on the mirror but now I am feeling way too good. Yay! I feel that I got rid of all of my chaotic thoughts with my hair. By the way, I had lots of negative feedback about this hair thing. It is kinda revolution for me. Especially men don't like it, I don't know why but they have a thing for long haired ladies. My girl friends who have long hair also didn't like it and told me not to do it all the time. First, I got sad due to their opinions but now I really don't care. I am feeling good, feel more beautiful than ever. Do I need anything or anybody else? Besides, yesterday was the last day of my university and L'oreal life. The ends of these two things which I loved a lot is actually is the beginning of a new exciting life. Now, I need 10 days break from my current life. I may not be able to post anything. By the way, I have to mention the fact that these photos were taken by my dearest friend Burcu before heading to our friend's birthday. I loved them all, thanks dear! Xx,

Shirt on a Dress

This was an outfit that I picked for work last week. They are all blur but I don't know why and I don't care. By the way, I had a hair cut today. I guess I am not a long hair kinda person. 

Palme D'or

I now realized that I couldn't post anything for two whole weeks. I guess you can understand why I didn't write anything from the previous post almost called "breaking bad". I was and am in a really bad place and I lost my interest in everything. So, I didn't want my photos taken. The only thing I extremely wanted was being with my closest friends which I could and that really made me feel better. These photos are not extremely clear but this is how I wanted. It is a reflection of my current situation. Now, it's time to make the best out of it. 


This little thing is the today's dose of inspiration. Love it.