Sync With Nature

I couldn't count how many outfit that I created with the same sneakers and the top but I don't see any reasons to take them off at all. I picked these clothes for a car travel. Is there anything better than being comfy and free? 

Beyaz Ev - Agva

On my last post, I mentioned about our holiday in Ağva. Now, it is time to share photos from there and our hotel while I am at work and wishing beaming up there. However, it would be a mistake not share this magical hotel with those of you who consider to take a silent break from the city. To be honest, we didn't plan and expect that much from the hotel. I had just wanted to have a silent and peaceful break. I think we had the best of it. The hotel's name was "Beyaz Ev". I strongly recommend for those who is planning to go to Ağva. The place was full of peace, sounds of birds, nature and delicious food. I had to share the photos that we took there with you. For more, you can follow my Instagram account. Now, I am turning back to work, lazy days are over :/ I guess, I will be looking at my last week's photos all day and wishing to be there again. 


In last few days, I was literally living in a dream. My boy friend and I went to Ağva for our spring break but I have never thought that it could be that much of a dream. I realized that we actually needed a break from the city. I will post the details of our beautiful hotel in another post. Anyway, I picked this outfit for our first dinner there. Could there be any better way to celebrate the arrival of the summer with colors and dresses?

The Newest Pair

I guess I am having my biggest love affairs with my sneakers. Last week, daddy offers me a new pair of Nike Air Max for an early birthday gift. I literally jumped on that offer and since last week, I've been living in my newest babies. I guess, there is no end for sneakers love because yesterday I felt in love with another new pair. Anyway, I am on my spring break now and writing this post across an amazing view with a cup of turkish coffee. Xx,


Last weekend, I started my day with a delicious breakfast with my family. After a few hours of window shopping in Nişantaşı, we had a well deserved dinner. Actually, I am not a kind of person who always prefers cosy Sundays as it meant to be. Sometimes I've wanted to be on top of a pair of high heels. However, this time my crazy bun and I decided to go for a comfy look. I was going to satisfy my high heel desire on Monday anyway, so it wasn't a bad choice to spend all day with my almost as comfy as pjs kinda outfit.

Cloud Nine

Last weekend we discovered the cutest patisserie in town: Cloud Nine which is in Galata. Their delicious coffee and desserts really made our day! Besides, it is located in a very nice street, so we could take nice photos. After a dose of delicious taste, we went to listen a blues band which was amazing! Thank god, tomorrow is saturday! Otherwise, I could be so sad after mentioning about my great weekend. 

Pink Lips

I don't think that I need to explain myself about my addiction to reddish lipsticks. You can easily get that from taking a look at my previous posts. What I also love is pinky lips which gives you a fresh look. Especially when it is combined with a cosy outfit picked for the office. (I guess I am not gonna take off my Airmax and crop top for a while.) Thank you Maybelline for giving me exactly what I am looking for by Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstain! Xx

High Waisted Jeans

Here we are with an office outfit taken early in the morning. I guess it's so obvious how early it is from my eyes. Actually, I was planning to post my sunday look because I was really comfy with my outfit as it was supposed to be on a Sunday. However, I've changed my mind. -Hello monday syndrom!- Anyway, I hope this week will be the last one in a rush. I really need a break. So, wish me luck for one last tough week. Happy monday fellas!
P.s: I could really use a couple of great movie names if you drop some as a comment. I can't find anything these days. I really appreciate it guys. Thanks a lot! Xx, Ezgi. 

Home Sweet Home

Attention please! This post contains lots of photos!
As I get close tot he graduation, I wanna spend much more time at school. I guess we are so lucky...


How do you explain having no internet connection and / or a broken modem at home in this technological and modern era that we have to use the internet for any concern? In Turkey, I generally use the following concepts: lack of qualified employees, monopoly and Turkey which is  a developing country developing with baby steps. Anyway, I am putting my anger aside and continue to write the post. Since we didn't have the internet connection at home -btw, we still don't, somehow(!)- we got ourselves to the nearest coffee shop. Actually, I prefer working outside while I am socializing rather than working at home. My boy friend was taking photos while I am on an interview. I wasn't thinking to share them but I liked them. So, here we are. Have a sunny day without having any internet trouble!  

Socks With the Stilettos

I get really excited when I combine my already-worn-a lot clothes in different ways. It feels like wearing something brand new. By the way, I really like wearing socks with the stilettos. It helps me to get my feet warm while I am trying to pull out my hair against the strong wind. Xx, the girl with the crop top.

Monday, Hi Again!

Here is an outfit that I wore for work. Isn't it so obvious that I had woke up at 6 am from my tired looking eyes?


 I've decided not to consume sugar as long as I can since the last June.  - I guess, It's not a successful introduction for these photos.- I am starting over again: I have never been a person who prefer milk puddings over the chocolate desserts. I am the girl who is chasing chocolate - flavored, creamy, calorific tastes. I guess, I am gonna reward myself with a chocolate soufflé with a huge amount of ice-cream on top of it. What about you?

This MY!

I admit that I made a lot of outfits with the same skirt this year but I just love it. I picked this outfit for a regular school day and after that for a casual family dinner. That day was the birthday of Nike Air Max. So, I wanted to wore my pair which is a gift from my boy friend. I noticed that I really miss summer, even though I love spring. Have a nice Friday!

White Vest On

I couldn't post enough recently due to the rush in my life, the midterms and the ominous atmosphere of the country. I wore this outfit for the launch of the movie Yves Saint Laurent as I mentioned my previous post. I couldn't able to shoot until I got home. So, that's why I am looking tired and messy.

Touche Eclat Presents: The Movie of Yves Saint Laurent

Last week, we as Yves Saint Laurent Beaute team had a huge event regarding the movie of Yves Saint Laurent. The movie which is about the story of Yves Saint Laurent who was played by leading actor Pierre Niney was launched with the sponsorship of iconic Touche Eclat. The launch took place in Etiler- Cinecity and it was followed by a cocktail at Bej. Touch Eclat is already my number one make up product and it is a must for my dressing case. I can't tell you enough how it magically works with sweeping away dark circles and illuminating skin. I also have to say that the movie was awesome. You should see how a talented man became a designer and the love story of him and Pierre Berge. Today, I wanted to share a few shots from the movie and a video of Cara Delevigne and Jourdan Dunn regarding the 22. birthday of Touche Eclat. For the next post, I will be posting my outfit that I picked for this event. You can always follow me on Instagram for more. Xx, Ezgi.