Denim Wings

This post is coming from last Sunday when I spent my time with my family by having breakfast at Bosphorus, reading Sunday papers and walking along Bosphorus. That amazing day literally made me forget the fact that next day is Monday. For the day, I wore my weekend uniform which includes a pair of sneakers and high waisted jeans. I adore my Adidas Originals Jeremy Scott Wings sneakers. In order to find them, I had walked around all over the Istanbul two years ago because there were only three pairs of my size in Turkey. I think, they are totally worth it! So, did you make your plans for the weekend already? If so, please share them with me. Xx, Ezgi.

Midi Skirt

I finally got my concentration and started to write this post down. I felt so tired after yesterday which was an amazing one! I will be sharing all the details about yesterday's event on next posts but before that, I wanted to share my outfit from last week. This black midi-skirt is always a savior. Never go wrong with it!

My Kinda Weekend

I spent my weekend with my family and we did really enjoy it. I used a cup of lime tea, ate a delicious burger and enjoyed the Sun. For all these stuff, I picked the outfit that you see. How about you? I wish a non-syndromic Monday to all of you. Xx, Ezgi. 


This photo has been giving me the inspiration for a long time. It's not so clear, It has jungle and the order in it at the same time and the moving dog is so real. This is life! You know, when you look at some photos and it reminds you more than the photo's itself represents. This is my special one. I hope we can wake up free mornings without the Internet censorship. While we still have our blogs, keep writing. Xx, Ezgi

Parliament Blue

The weather is extremely great. I am getting well. -Except the fact that my boy friend is geting sick now.- My parents are coming to visit me. It's Friday. How many good news we have? :) All these great news created my colorful outfit and I exactly got dressed the way that I feel. I don't know why but, our society always has a bias against the togetherness of peep toe pumps and socks. Still, I really like them. Especially, If I'm gonna use the parliament blue pair that I love and couldn't wear since the last summer. Also who cares what other people think? Let's live the day as we wish and have an amazing weekend fellas!

Home / Sick

Here comes Tuesday with an outfit post which was shot three weeks ago before went to the office in a very early morning. Right now, I am struggling with the terrible flu and throat-ache. Although, I am kind of smashed physically due to the flu, I am peaceful and happy. Something's order of importance has changed these days which makes me more powerful and free. It's good to get rid of the burden of the things that we don't like while spring is coming. I have a song recommendation for the post which is my favorite of all the times, I guess. Xx, Ezgi.

Sneakers Lovers

Last weekend was my boy friend's birthday. We were lucky because the weather was amazing! I guess, It was the very first time that we feel spring is actually here. Anyway, we had a breakfast at R.E.A.D. Cafe & Bakery in Grand Tarabya Hotel and enjoyed the beautiful weather and delicious coffee. Since the night before that day I wore the killer heels for the pre-birthday celebration party, I was glad to wear my new Nike - Air Max babies. Oh, they are so comfy! Bad news: I couldn't make the day through. I have a terrible flu and barely get up.


This photo was taken by my boy friend a few months ago while we were having fun with the camera. I was the one who wrote the letters and he was the one behind the camera. Happy 25's my love!

Monday Syndrome

My boy friend took me out to Ranchero for dinner in order to celebrate my International Women's Day :) Italian and Mexican cuisines are indisputable my favorite ones. For the dinner, my new H&M coat which you will see a lot, accompanied me. The week had just started. Hello monday syndrome!


Spending time at home, cooking, cleaning, listening to the radio, making a cup of coffee, nodding off, complaining about something, taking a bath, having breakfast, throwing away the deadheads, watering the flowers...
I constantly repeat some sentences again and again and again. To accept everything that comes to my life as it is.
Self observation is self correction.
Vision and reality are one.
Thinking is destiny.
The world is such because you are such.
I think everyone needs to read La Scuola Degli Dei.
♫ Let's listen to the song and get drunk with it. ♫
Have nice weekend.

Goodbye Winter! (I hope...)

After a long break, we were able to use the sun light properly! Yay! In the photos, I was trying to wake up with a bottle of coffee and carrying a laptop before I went to the magazine that I work for. Nothing could never ever make me upset because summer had just came! I am not going to complain about it but with all those rush, I finally had a sunshine break. By the way, I have a good news: Room Magazine will be published next week! I am super excited. Also, this is Friday. Yay!

The Same

Who would say that photos which were taken at 7.30 a.m. before going to work will catch the perfect light? Is my sleepy mood so obvious? Here is an outfit which is created by the same faux fur and the same skirt again. I don't care how many times I wore! I'm loving them!

Touch of Floral

 Last saturday, I had the amazing time with my boy friend. We enjoyed the beautiful free day and stopped Bibuçuk for an amazing dinner. After that, we found tickets for the show "Aykırı Kumpanya" which actually was sold out! The show was brilliant and excellent. By the way, I really want to move the other side of Istanbul. Maybe this dream would be realized next year. For that wonderful day, I picked an outfit which was led by my newest cap. Summer is coming, florals are back! Hooray!

Yeaah, Weekeeeeeeeeend!!

I love the harmony of burgundy and emerald. Since I've preferred dark lips most of the time, the black and grey lines seem to be my favorites but I actually like using vivid colors with them. Soo, here comes the weekend! As soon as I finalized this post, I will go to a beauty salon  and after that, I will enjoy the beautiful free saturday! By the way, my hair has reached the longest version of my entire life. I am thinking of getting a hair cut. What do you say?