Black & White Lines

Last night, we were planning to go the theater. However, somehow we ended up going home, again. But, I wore my newest babies. Now, I am blogging while I am waiting for the Magazine meeting. Have a nice week!  

Office Style @ Home

Right now, It's 11.00 p.m. and I am already sleepy. I literally don't have the time to take care of myself properly, so you can understand that there is no time to take crystal clear photos. -Somehow, I've always managed to apologize for my photos for not being so clear. I guess it is important to me. Yeah, it is!- And yet, there is no sunlight out there in Istanbul. You saw the darkness today, didn't you? Actually, I wanted to wear this outfit while I was going to work but I couldn't take weather into account. I don't care. I came home and I wore what I want after the work. This is what I want, I don't care! 


wearing these...

Car Park

I finally had the time for the movie Wolf of Wall Street. It was also the chance for me to wear my newest red patent leather shoes. I literally walk around all over Istanbul in order to find this cute pair of shoes. Victory! By the way, did you like the movie? I loooove it. Now, it is time to dive into the new articles that I need to write for the magazine that I recently started to work for. My friends are texting me about the beautiful weather outside. So, enjoy! 

Rain Coat

Cumartesi günkü puslu havadan sonra pazar günü açan Güneş ile bütün planlarımı alt üst ederek dışarı koştum. Bu aralar güneş enerjisiyle çalışıyorum. Sabah 6'da kalktığım için de böyle aydınlık havayı bulunca direk fotoğraf çekmek için değerlendirmek istedim. Ne mutlu bir gündü pazar günü! Bana da en rahat ve son zamanlarda en çok tercih ettiğim kıyafetlerim eşlik etti. Hadi yine pazar olsuun!

Super Supermarket

The weather is terrible outside right now. It's rainy and cold and foggy. It's like seasons are confused because two days ago it was warm like a spring day. Anyway, we can't catch the sun light for a while so there are not clear photos recently. I hope it will be getting better soon. Have a nice weekend!


I couldn't find any time to blog. I barely can write this one up with the old photos of mine. I guess it fits with the Valentine's concept.  Happy Valentine's Day, if you believe so. Xx

New Coat!

From now on, I will be working for 6 days a week! Huh! We will see how I will handle it. Also, online registration period has just started today. Tough week. Hava a nice week!

All Black

Don't fall for the sunny weather outside, it is freeeeeezing! I am not in Istanbul right now, I am visiting my parents in my hometown. By tomorrow, I will be back in Istanbul, though. There is a lot to do! I am not complaining about that. It's just that I am not a big fan of waking up early. I am going to enjoy with Derek and Brooklyn Nine - Nine for the last days of the holiday. Xx, Ezgi. 


 Walk, walk fashion baby, work it, move that, b*tch crazy.
Gün ışığını bulamadığımız için karlı - puslu fotoğraflar ayı.
The song of the day from #BillHaley - Calling All Comets ♫ 

Sunday Mood

Saturday night was such an incredibly spontaneous and fun night!  I haven't had that much fun for a long time. It was involving rushing and running around and dancing on the top of my my high heels. Unfortunately, when I arrived at home, my heels were literally torturing me. So, I needed to be as casual as I can be for the Sunday brunch. Also, sunday morning was a sunny and beautiful day. I have no make up on me, and you see a messy me, again. I had a hangover and was tired, too. But, I don't care! I liked it anyway. By the way, sneakers are the bests!