Tired and Messy Me

I couldn't get how fast this exhausting and hard week passed after a week-long holiday. I assume that it is going to be worth for all of these tiring days because I am about start to work for a brand which I've been wanting so badly for a long time! Yay! These photos were taken after a long day which I was trying to collect necessary legal documents from the government offices. Since I was going to rush around all day, I picked an outfit which is comfy and messy. Although, this mess may stem from the tired me after the day. Also, we couldn't catch the sun light and because of that the photos are not crystal clear but I guess my messy and unsharp photos create a fine couple together. I sensed that I wrote too pessimistic but I am not! On the contrary, I am so happy. I know that even happier days are just around the corner. Have a nice weekend, fellas. Xx,

Currently Inspired by...

I collect photos / articles which looks interesting to me and save them in my computer. These are becoming a valuable archive and inspiring me every time when I look. Some of the photos were taken from a blog who knows which. Some of them were from a web site which is irrelevant to all these issues. These photos are the most exciting ones to me. What do you think?

French Boy

The moment I saw that hat on my head, I knew that I had to have it. This is the fourth black fedora hat that I bought this season. I think it is time to let other colors in the wardrobe. I love to combine these kind of hats with a pair of masculine oxford shoes and colorful jumpers. Also, it would have been a nice outfit with the hat and a pair of stilettos. What do you think? I have to know. :)

Pre - Summer

Last week, I was in Antalya where is in the southern part of Turkey. I literally lived through summer in the middle of winter. That warm day totally boosted me up and gave the motivation in order to go through the winter. I noticed that I really missed walking around without any tops but t-shirts. I now came back to Istanbul. This week is going to be a bit challenging for me. Wish me luck fellas! :)

On the Edge of the Cliff

On the first day of my vacation, Antalya was partly cloudy. You can see my cold weather survival kit: Faux fur which is not necessary here at all! My boy friend carried it for me all the way to home. As a matter of fact, you will see me in summer style on the next post. I preferred my perfect fit Mango jean that I newly found. I feel like that I won the jackpot when I found the perfect jean match. Don't you feel the same way? Anyway, I am turning back to enjoying last days of my holiday. The weather is beautiful outside. Right now, I don't want to go back to Istanbul however, until I do, you can follow my Facebook page & Instagram. :) Xx, Ezgi.  

Quick One #idunno

I picked this outfit for a job interview last week. I liked the outfit so much, so I couldn't take off them for a while after I got home. Do you do the same once in a while? 

Black on Black

This outfit was picked for a lovely day spent at Bebek with a friend of mine. The sun was shining. I prefer to wake up to a sunny day everyday. -I know, global warming! It's no good.- Today, I am going away from Istanbul for a couple of days. I am not sure how often I can update my blog there but there is always Instagram to follow. Xx, Ezgi. 

Last Weekend

This post is all about last weekend but I can post it right now. This photos were taken in Moda where happens to be my favorite neighborhood in Istanbul. Someday, I will live here. Maybe we can move after I graduate, who knows? Every time that I've been there, I ask myself the same question: "Do I love here just because it reminds me the streets of Izmir?" That was a beautiful day we spent in Moda. We had a nice dinner and delicious coffee after then. Do you wonder what I'm doing right now? I am sitting on my couch with one eye patched because I had an allergic reaction to I don't know what. This is why I am still writing and writing and making romantic sentences. But, I don't care! What the hell!


The weather is so depressing here. I have a final at 4 pm. You are still so lovely and beautiful İstanbul.

Blue & Orange

I have only one worry about this beautiful weather which allows us to have nice shoots at this time of the year: If we have to live through the heavy winter at the beginning of the spring! I hope I will be wrong by then. Now, I am heading to have an interview with the loveliest girl ever! It will be soon on the blog. Kisses! 

Red Loves Me

The day that I wore this outfit, I woke up with knowing the fact that I needed to have a strict pony tail for the day. Sometimes, one little detail can dominate my whole mood and the outfit as well. We shot these photos in Ulus -again- on the front yard of a house which seemed a little bit nostalgic and haunted to us. I couldn't help myself to put the photo of the little and cute doghouse here. Have a fine week everyone! Monday has arrived! 

Pazar Pazar

Şu anda dışarıda hava kararmakta. Mert yanımda The Big Bang Theory izliyor. Ben biraz önce pazar gazetelerimi bitirdim, kahve yaptım kendime. Hafif soğumasını bekliyorum. Çok sıcak içemiyorum. En çok Americano seviyorum. Sütsüz, şekersiz. Yarına teslim etmem gereken bir final projem var. Başına oturup derlemem lazım, erteliyorum. Ajandam önümde; bu hafta yapılacakları not aldım. Manikür yapacağım.  Bu hafta çok önemli bir hafta. Belki de değil, haftalara anlam yüklemeyi bırakmaya çalışıyorum. Okumak istediğim kitaplar, gitmek istediğim sergiler, izlemek istediğim filmler, takip ettiğim diziler var. "Hayatı yakalamak zorundayım" modundan çıkıp canımın istediği zamanlara serpiştirmek adına bıraktım hepsini. Sırası geldiğinde hissediyorum ve yapıyorum. Sırf "Kaçırmamam lazım!" diye gerçekten istemediğim şeyleri hayatımdan eliyorum. Sanırım bir bölüm Poirot izleyeceğim. Heyecanlı bir bölüm var sırada. Sanırım Mert akşama şöyle bir tatlı yapacak. "Sürprizim var!" diyor. Göreceğiz bakalım... Kafaya bir şey takmadığınız bir pazar olsun. Hadi şimdi, şu an sadece ama sadece sizin içinizden gelen ve çok istediğiniz bir şey yapın ya da yapmayın. Durun sadece. İyi pazarlar...

With the Stilettos in Town

 My hair has gone crazy as you follow from the previous posts. I straigtened to get it under the control but I guess it didn't work. So... I picked this outfit for a grocery shop. It was supposed to be completed with a pair of sneakers, actually. However, since I saw the sun and my newest stilettos were looking at me with all their innocence, I ended up with them. I made a clever choice. My day didn't end just with a grocery shop, anyway. By the way, I love grocery shopping as much as I love shoe shopping. It's like a therapy, isn't it? Especially when I am in the pasta or chocolate section, I literally forget about the world. Do you feel the same way? Xx, Ezgi

Quick Grey One

There was no intention of shooting for this post. We thought, while we had camera with us, we surely needed to use the beautiful sun light. We spent the whole day with the same spontaneous manner. First stopped for a cup of coffee, then the dinner. Do you think that this year winter missed Istanbul? If it does, I will be so glad.  Btw, here is the song of the day picked by me for you, people!

5 Shades of Rouge

I love putting make up as you can easily notice from my previous posts. I can't decide which one I prefer first: whether a nice eye make up or sharp lips? Distinct and dark lipsticks are currently dominating my routine, I guess. Here is my Top 5. Kisses!

Bad Hair Day in Galata

I've never been a person who has problems with time-passing but I honestly couldn't understand how the last week had gone away. Last week was full of celebrating, hosting, drinking and eating. I guess we got a little bit tired during all of these. Of course, we couldn't stay at home and rest as the normal human-beings do. Instead, we knocked around the streets of Istanbul. That's why you see me a little messy in these photos. My hair had gone crazy an my eyes... Oh, my eyes... Who cares! I am a happy girl. I have lots of new things to take start. Anyway, I brought my mess with me to Galata. My boy friend an I took some photos there while everybody is still sleeping. Then, the Sun shows up and I got even happier like every normal human reacts to sunny weather. :) -That's also helps us to have more beautiful photos.- In the afternoon, we had a little coffee break at Nikol Galata. After that, stopped by 49 Cukurcuma and enjoyed with the delicious pizzas as you see in the photo. I hope everyone had an amazing weekend like we did! If you didn't, don't worry. A new one has already started!

Next → #14

December the 31st is the day that I liked most in a year whereas January the 1st is the least. That's why I want to capture the moments by taking so many photos. I hope your new year's eve was fun as you wished. I've already written down my wishes&wants in 2014. I have so many wishes starting with health, peace and success -such a cliche but it is true.-. So tell me, what are your wishes from 2014? Xx