Blurred Lines

The traditional or usual cuisines bored us. So we looked a place for cheese fondue in Istanbul for our anniversary dinner and found it. It was soooo good! Well, I had no intention to share these photos and yet  liked the story of them and even made them more blur. Xx,  

6th Anniversary

Last Saturday was one of the best days in my entire life! My bf and I celebrated our 6th anniversary and instead of exchanging gifts, we spent the whole day outside. Since we have Joey now, this was the most valuable gift to each other. The weather was outstanding and we headed every places that we've been looking forward to go. All day was spent on eating, drinking and fashion shooting for sure. The photos that you are about to look became one of my favourite. Actually, I wasn't wearing anything special but I guess the happiness and the pleasure of wearing baby pink reflect to the photos. The colors have power. Xx,

Captured Moments

I wasn't able to post proper style post and yet I have a brand new job! So, the agenda of the blog is not clear for now but I am a girl who take photos with the iPhone cam with  powerful dedication. And then, after time passed away, I look at them to see what I captured. Today was one of those days. I checked my phone's photo album and they reminded me of all good times which made me feel an urge to share with you. Plus, the dusty effect on the photos are so valuable. It says they are not perfect but they are so real. Anything who is far from perfection seems real to me. The photo above was from Alps which I captured when we were on the plane to Marseille.

Cozy & Simple

Last weekend, my family, best friends and their family and I had a great Sunday afternoon. I picked a cozy and simple outfit since it was a Sunday, plus I needed to decide fast. So, there is not much to say about my look except from my new coat and messy hair. 

Usual Stuff

The best way of dressing is using my old clothes in different ways and wearing summer clothes in winter. We took these photos after the vet while Joey was sleeping due to her weekly shot. I combined my summer dress, usual black turtleneck and classic belt. Sorry for the dog hair on me. xo xo

The Story of My Blog

Before I started to write this post, I read almost all of the previous posts of the blog and realised I wrote everything here but the story of my clothes. This blog became a diary and it is full of daily stories such as the things I ate, drank, the places I've been into etc. Plus, there are some aggressive posts and protests written here. I felt happy as I read them since it was like reading my very own life after years. For instance, I took a look of my first posts and how unprofessional are they! I am happy to have them as well, though. Well, apparently I am looking for a reason to be happy. God bless the month of December! It brought me good news and also bright Christmas lights everywhere give me eternal peace. Anyway, you see I forgot to mention about my look, again. I guess someone will find me  getting drowned in one of these turtlenecks. I've gotta say, it was a pure pleasure to wear one of these especially in a sunny Sunday, after jogging and while heading to have a muffin. Well, I suppose I look like a muffin in that jumper and that's what makes me happy. :) About the yellow coat, you are looking at a coat which I didn't think that it's my style until I try and felt in love with it. xoxo

Real Me

You know how much I care about my clothes because they make me feel so damn good. I know it's not a common rule but I have a head start on the day. It's not about someone else. It's about me beating myself. I beat my grumpy self right after I wake up. I feel more hopeful and confident. Dressing well enables to express myself without even a word. For example, last Friday I woke up feeling bad since my skin was not even and my hair had gone crazy. I knew that I wasn't looking and feeling good. However, after I got dressed, there was no shadow of my former self. It might be a silly way of thinking. At the end, the clothes are pieces of formed fabric which we pay the price for and own them but it doesn't hurt anybody, does it? About the details of my outfit, I was sure that I was gonna wear the mint jumper from Modagram but to be honest I wasn't gonna put whites and mint jumper together. There was a complete different outfit idea on my mind but things got changed and I improvized something else. This is better since this is more real. This is me. Okey, I talked too much.


These photos were taken last week, when I went on a date with my boy. So, they are a bit old and the only think that I can remember from that day is that the weather was freezing. Well, I love wearing beanies and layers but it's not like summer. I hate the fact that when I go inside, I have to put off all the stuff and have to carry them with me. Anyway, here are the photos from a day which I fed my appetite with lots of sushi. Happy weekend!

Sunday Joy

Last Sunday, My family and I had one of those amazing breakfast rituals. Although the weather was awfully rainy, my new boots and delicious Turkish breakfast table made my day. I suppose there is no problem that a fine breakfast can't solve. Ups, I got hungry as I write. I guess, I am gonna have one of those "breakfast for the dinner" joy. :)

And Yet Another Movie Night

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I went to see the movie Interstellar. I am so glad we did since I loved the movie and it was the kind of movie that you need to see it on theather. Okey, I admit that I won't be felling like this it if I haven't seen Cosmos before because then, it would be difficult to understand all the cosmic, time and space stuff. Anyway, even though the first half an hour seemed a little bit unreal -I mean the part where they are still on earth- , I didn't realise how the rest of the movie which is more than two and a half hour passed by. Plus, I am more glad to had my hair cut after I watch Anne Hathaway. :) So, here is my look for the movie night with a little bit of shopping and coffee aside. I don't know why but skirts were off the table for a while. So, it was good to wear one with a comfortable jumper and different hair & make up style once in a while. Well, other people who have seen Interstellar, what about you guys? Did you like it? I wonder your opinions. Xx,

Girls Night In

I often found myself talking about a dressing routine. Here comes another one: When I go out in Winter, there is a certain routine which ensure me to look good and feel great: Get lost under our oversized jumpers or coats with some accessorises and a pair of sneakers. I picked this look for a dine & wine night in with my girls but I have to say that everyone feels better when we start to dance in our pyjamas. :) Xx,

Peace and Quiet

Although this blog is a complete reflection of freedom, I myself have some rules about the order of the blog. Today you will be seeing me violating one of them. Taking photos at the same place and posting them in a row is one of the rules that I never want to do. However since I can't get out much due to Joey, I had to do it. Okey, well, I can't just blame Joey. The days are very short and there is almost no time to take photos out in the day light. But I need to say I loved the last two post at home because loved the synergy of me & simplicity of the home. One can not easily find an elegant and simple place to take photos in Istanbul. So, the situation that I've been living works for now. About the outfit;  no, I haven't gone crazy yet to go outside with this outfit in this freezing weather. After these photos, there were some additions like a fake fur, scarf and a beanie. Anyway, today I went to the coiffeur and did some grocery shopping. I don't know why but when I head to the beauty saloon, I take an extreme care about my look. Never put on make up, though. -You can see it from the photos :) - Right now, all things needed to be done are done. Joey and I are writing this post cuddling and listening Favourite Coffeehouse playlist. The candles are lit. We are waiting for my boy friend to make us dinner. I am peaceful.    


Your faith was strong but you needed a proof. You saw her bathing on the roof. Her beauty and moonlight overthrew her. She tied you to a kitchen chair. She broke your throne and she cut your hair and from your lips she drew the Hallelujah. 

Layer on Layer

Yesterday, even though I was sad about not attending my friends housewarming union because of Joey, I always love a Friday night at home. Especially if it is winter, the weather is getting colder and colder by night and your boyfriend cooks and you will watch a bunch of Harry Potter movies and read the books that you will looking forward to. When I even imagine the stuff that I've just told you, a tiny warm light is spreading around my body and makes me smile. Anyway, before all of these activities, I picked this outfit for heading to the vet and doing some grocery shopping. Upon the power of unearned shirts! Xx,

The Routine

When I am abroad, I have a dressing routine. The shoes are always the first and yet the most essential step  for the routine. Because if your feet are not in comfort, the whole trip could be a total mess, you know. I learnt from my previous experiences, so I put two or three perfectly comfy shoes into my suitcase. Plus, the good looking and yet comfort pants with turtlenecks would be a perfect match for an away day. I myself generally don't prefer to bring jeans with me. They are not the best for a long day, I suppose. Anyway, to complete the look, add a piece of fine and flashy jewellery.  Plus, oversized coats with a couple of cute beanies. Voila! Ready to discover the marvelious Eze Village. It's like a dream, isn't it?

Asla Uçurma Beni Pegasus!

Aslında bloğumu bir şikayet üssü olarak kullanmayı ve kirletmeyi tercih etmeyecek kadar çok seviyorum; ama geçen hafta yaşadıklarımızın ardından kendimi en iyi ve güçlü ifade ettiğim yerde uzun uzun başımıza gelenleri paylaşmak istiyorum ki belki biraz farkındalık uyandırabilir. Daha önceki postlarımda da yazdığım üzere geçen hafta erkek arkadaşımla birlikte Güney Fransa'yı gezmeye, Marsilya'ya uçtuk ve bir hata yapıp biletlerimizi Pegasus Hava Yolları'ndan alma gafletine düştük. Açıkçası Pegasus'la bir daha uçmaktan bir önceki Antalya uçuşu dönüşünde vazgeçmiştim; ama Marsilya biletlerini ondan da önce aldığımız için yapacak bir şey yoktu. Kaldı ki aslında erkek arkadaşım da, ben de sonuçta maksimum 3 saat sürecek bir seyahatte olabilecek aksaklıkları çok ciddiye almadık; çünkü aşırı sorunlu, pimpirikli, olay yaratan insanlar değiliz neticede.
Her neyse, olaylar silsilesi şu şekilde başladı: Bizim Ağustos ortasında aldığımız biletlerimizin dönüşünün saatini değiştirmek için uçuştan 5 gün önce aradı bizi sevgili Pegasus. Dönüş biletimiz öğlen 15.00'teyken "operasyonal sepebler"den ötürü -neyse artık onlar- sabah 07.00'a aldılar! Bu zaten baştan bizim için bütün planlarımızın değişmesi demekti. Bir kere zaten ancak 3 günlüğüne kaçtığımız gezimizin bir günü yanmış oldu. Çünkü bizim planımız Marsilya'da kalmayı içermiyordu ve sabah 07.00'deki uçağı yakalamak için bir önceki günün öğleden sonrası yola çıkmak zorunda kaldık. Böylece zaten gezimizin bir kısmını harcadığımız yetmiyormuş gibi otel rezervasyonlarımızı da değiştirmek durumunda kaldık. Önceden ödediğimiz otel paramızı otel sahibinin insiyatifiyle geri alabildik; ama bir gün ekstra kiraladığımız arabamızın parası yandı. Üstelik kiralama şirketine aracı ya ertesi gün 9 civarı ya da önceki gece teslim etmemiz gerekiyordu. Ertesi gün 9'da biz çoktan uçakta olacağımız için arabayı erkenden havaalanına getirmek zorunda kaldık. Günümüzü yediği gibi, paramızın da yanmasına sebep oldu Pegasus. 
Tabii bir tek bununla kalmadı. Daha yola bile çıkmadan aldığımız uçuşumuzun değiştiği haberinden sonra havaalanında da Pegasus'un nasıl da profesyonellikten uzak bir anlayışa hakim olduğuna bir kere daha şahit olduk. Havaalanında daha az beklemek için yaptığımız online check in, bizi upuzun ve akmayan bir kuyruğa davet etti. Online check-in yapmayan insanlar ise gayet hızlı bir şekilde hizmet alıyordu. Yine de bir görevli ordaki insanları da online check-in masalarına yöneltti ve hep beraber, şikayet içinde, bir türlü ilerlemeyen bir kuyrukta bekliyor olduk. Pegasus'un mobil bilet vermemesi bir tarafa, madem online check-in masaları işe yaramıyor; ne diye hali hazırda ilerleyen normal check-in'lerde bekleyen insanları sıralarından çıkartıp hizmet veremeyen bir sıraya sürüklüyor acaba? Galiba bundan önce sorulması gereken bir sürü temel sorunu var.  
Neyse, daha sonradan uçağa geçtiğimizde bizim koltuklarımızın başka bir kadına ve çocuklarına verildiğini söyledi hostes. Çünkü Pegasus onlara farklı yerlerde biletler kesmiş. Yine bir takım karışıklıklar, beklemeler, anlaşamamalardan sonra bir şekilde yerimize geçebildik. Allahtan uçakta geçirdiğimiz 3 saat içinde başka sorun yaşamadık. Tabii bu demek değil ki Pegasus başka prıoblemlerle gelmedi.
Uçaktan indikten sonra Marsilya Havaalanı'nın EasyJet, Ryan Air gibi uçuşlara ayırdığı, hangardan bozma, konteynır gibi, doğru düzgün hiçbir gereksinimi karşılamayan, rezalet ötesi bir terminale yanaştık. Bu Marsilya Havaalanı'nın ana terminali değil elbette. Dediğim gibi, uçuşları 10 Euro gibi paralar olan, ucuz uçuş sunan Avrupa Uçuş firmalarının indiği, hakikaten neredeyse bedava uçuşların yapıldığı bir terminal bu. Pegasus dediğimiz firma, ilk zamanlar ucuz uçuşları çıkarmış olabilir; ama artık kesinlikle öyle olmadığı bir gerçek. En az 49.99 Euro'dan başlayan fiyatlarla çıkan ki yüzde 90 bu fiyatların olmadığı, vergilerin eklendiği, ucuz kategorisine asla giremeyecek; yalnızca belki çok pahalı olmayan -o da bazı seferlerler için- uçuşlar kategorisine girebilecek bir firma. Ben ve etrafımdaki çoğu insan maaşını Euro bazında kazanmadığı için ve Euro'da neredeyse 3 lirayı bulduğu için Pegasus ucuz fiyatlandırma konusunda göz boyamaktan başka bir şey yapmıyor şu sıra. Dolayısıyla ben, az olduğunu düşünmediğim paralara bilet almışken bu kadar rezalet bir havaalanına inip kendini Ryan Air gibi hakikaten bedavaya uçuran havayollarıyla kıyaslamasını inanılmaz absürd, komik ve insanları enayi yerine koymaya çalışan bir tavır olarak gördüm. Zaten havaalanının indiğimiz rezalet kısmını gördüğüm an Pegasus'un gözümdeki marka değeri tamamen kredisini tüketmişti. Üstüne üstlük; zaten o sıra sadece 1 uçağın indiği bu kısımda valizlerimiz ancak 1 saatte geldi. Uçakla bagaj bandı arasında ise neredeyse 5 metre mesafe vardı. Bu kadar basit ve karmaşadan yoksun bir yerde, bir de hızı bile sağlayamadılar. Kendim getirsem 10 saniyede çıkmış olacaktım o rezil yerden. Bu noktada ordaki görevlilerin kendi çalışanları olmadığını söyleyebilirler; ama bu benim sorunum değil. Ben Pegasus markasına güvenerek bir bilet ve hizmet satın aldığımı düşünmüştüm. Nasıl ki Türk Hava Yolları, New York'ta JFK'de valizimizden yer görevlileri tarafından çalınan Iphone'umuzun parasını kendisi karşılayacak kadar müşterisinin hakkını gözetiyorsa, bunun gibi havaalanında seyahat halindeyken başıma gelen her şeyden de Pegasus sorumlu olmak durumunda olduğunu düşünüyorum. Ya da ben böyle bir anlayışı tercih eden hava yollarının müşterisi olmalıyımdır belki de. 
Sorunların bitmiş olmasını dilerdim; ama dönüşte de benzer problemler tüm yolcuların peşini bırakmadı. Öncelikle yukarda da dediğim gibi, arabayı teslim etmemiz gerektiği için uçuştan 10 saat önce havaalanına gelip geceyi orda geçirmek durumunda kaldık. Her yerin kapalı olduğu, inanılmaz tenha, güvensiz, hatta bir ara eli silahlı askerlerin dolaştığı korkunç havaalanında sabaha kadar bekleyip, uyukladıktan sonra sabah 07.00 uçuşumuz için uçağa geçtik. Ancak kendime gelebilirken uçaktaki pek çok yolcu gibi ben de acıktım ve uçak içinde bir şeyler satın almaya karar verdim. Koltuklarda duran menüde bir sürü sandviç, kahvaltı, kek gözüküyordu. Ama hostesten istediğimiz hiçbir şey uçakta yoktu! Hiç yoktu! Sabah 7 uçuşu ve yemek olarak satın alabileceğiniz tek şey tavuk sote ve köfte makarnaydı! Hostesler bile "Biz de çok şaşkınız, uçağa hiç yükleme yapmadan yollamışlar!" dedi. Kekin, bir çeşit sandviçin bile olmadığı uçuşta, açlıktan ölen bir uçak dolusu insan olarak İstanbul'a geldik. Bu da yaşadığımız son ve bence kesinlikle kabul götürmez bir rezaletti.

Pegasus'un rezalet hizmet verdiğini duymuştum; ama ben bu kadarını tecrübe etmemiştim. Bir daha biletlerin 10 Euro'dan satışa çıksa bile asla ama asla "Uçurma beni Pegasus!" Hiç kimseye tavsiye etmem, aman diyim. 

First Stop: Saint Tropez

Last weekend a dream came true: my boyfriend and I made a road trip around South France villages & cities. Since we couldn't go out as much as we did before due to Joey, this trip had the greatest timing. These photos are from Saint Tropez which is a huge exaggerated  illusion. The day we arrived to Marseille was going to be a long day, I picked a cozy outfit with a comfort jumper, pants and coat. Have a nice week!

Pattern Fest

Two days ago, right after went to the vet, at Ulus, while Joey was sleeping in the car. Since we were heading to the vet, I just want to be in something very comfy. When it is about comfort, I always pick the two things: leggings or loose trousers. I am not sure if it's because they are made from jersey fabric or what but oh, they are the best! Also, with my short jacket, I created a pattern festival. Don't worry, after we took these photos, I immediately run for the haircut. You will see my new hair on the next post. In the meantime, you can check my Instagram to take a quick look :) Well, for now my boy friend and I will take a trip to a far place. I think it is what we need. After I come back here, take care. Xx,

Modacruz Loves Bloggers

Her sonbahar ve ilkbahar tam iki koca gün boyunca kışlık / yazlık gardrop değişimi yapıyorum. -Evet, dolabıma sığamıyorum; ama bu hepimizin sorunu sanırım.- Tabii bu değişimin temel amaçlarından biri de gardrop detoksu yapmak. İşte ben bu detoks kısmında zorlananlardanım. Çünkü aldığım her şey benim için değerli ve -ihtiyaç sahiplerine ulaştırmanın dışında- bazı kıyafetlerimi artık giymiyor; ama vermeye de kıyamıyorum. Benim için genellikle zayıfladığım için artık giyemediğim; yine de gardrop değişikliği sırasında dolabımdan eksiltmeye kıyamadığım kıyafetlerim, ayakkabılarım, aksesuarlarım hızla artarken; derdimin dermanını buldum: Modacruz ile tanıştım! Kısaca ikinci el kıyafet, ayakkabı, aksesuar ne varsa alıp sattığınız bu site için geçen haftalarda Gamze Biran ile birlikte birkaç blogger buluşup bir çekim yaptık, Modacruz'da kendi dolaplarımızı oluşturduk ve ben de on tane ürünümü satışa çıkardım. Bloğuma da birkaç ipucu fotoğrafı koyuyorum; ama aslında katalog geniş :)  O yüzden tüm dolabımı görmek için buraya tıklayın! Her zaman ikinci el'cileri itinayla gezen ve mutlaka bir şey bulan bir kız olarak alışveriş iyice tatlı hale geldi bana. Xx,

Baby Blue

My hair has gone crazy and I can barely throw myself out of home but yet I wore the new items on my wardrobe which I bought last week from the shopping party for Alexander Wang X H&M. I adore my newest baby blue cozy jumper and both chic&sporty trousers. Xx,


Welcome to the weirdest week of my life which has passed in a blink! You will get why I couldn't able to post anything here from below. If you follow me on Instagram, you must now already! We have a puppy now! the most beautiful creature in the world! We were still arguing that if we can raise a puppy and take care of it but all of a sudden he found us and our lives changed! Since Joey the puppy -God bless Joey Tribbiani- doesn't know anything about toilet training, days & nights fly by with cleaning his poop and pee without sleeping enough. Therefore, I actually am very tired and can't make any photos to blog since I can't leave joey at home alone at this very early months of him. But him being next to me, sleeping is priceless! Anyway, I will talk about him a lot in the future. So, I decided to take some photos at home to share my Sunday with you guys: Some coffee, papers & magazines, Joey, lots of pee and poop! :) Have a great Sunday!

A Sunday Tale

Yesterday, I woke up in a Sunday which I got angry myself since I overslept and got anxious about the things that are needed to be done. Still, I had a slow Sunday morning with a long brunch and went to the coffee shop to get some for home even if it was not on the plan and not so urgent. Anyway, for the occasion, I stood in front of my wardrobe knowing what I'll exactly be wearing after a long time: My uniform jeans, black & cozy turtleneck jumper, my new pair of Nike Air Force 1 and the beanie. -Whenever I wear that beanie, I can't stop myself posing with an ugly duck face and making ears. See below- And there was a yellow coat which I brought just in case since the Sun was shining when we left home. And yet, I wore it the moment I left home because it was freezing. Finally, spent the night with a homemade dinner, a long training, Sunday papers, a little bit of Vogue at the side of a cup of Vanilla Latte. I hope you had a lovely weekend more than I did. Xx,

Men's Wear Inspired

Here comes finally the last one of the fashion week outfits. I couldn't make any time to take new shoots since the days get shorter and shorter but I will be on duty asap. By the way, while my blog is almost 2 years old, I had the best news that could happen to a blogger: I was on an article of Refinery29 with this outfit. I can't say how much I am glad and flattered guys. Genuinely thank you.

The Boots

Oh, those boots... The minute I saw them at Zara, felt in love with the pair but despite the fact that how much I looked for, I couldn't find my size in any stores. Well, I succeed and did find them as you may see and took them a test drive for the grocery shopping. And now, I literally live in them. Honestly, I am not as sad as most of you people who live in Istanbul due to rain since I get to wear them again! :) What makes them so special and urgent / invisible need is both the color and the shape & height of the heel. You know the situation when you bought a pair just to fulfil your consumption passion and then the more you use it, the more you realize actually how much you like and needed those and even't don't want them to get old. -ie. the woman in the photo below- This is the best kind of shopping! Have a nice week. Xx,  

Contemporary Ethnic

Well, I started to the post with "here we are with me and my useful piece of dress / cardigan" and suddenly I realized that I came up with the same sentence recently. I've posted the first day of MBFWI outfit with my long burgundy cardigan as you may remember. I guess, I am a real fan of the items which you can use in several ways. When I was a child, double-sided clothes were my thing, as well. Anyway, the day started as a slow Sunday but now I need to hurry and head to the gym, then get my nails done and work on my current projects. Fortunately, the clocks went back an hour last night, otherwise it is impossible for me to find enough time for all of those things. Have nice Sunday!

Hats Off

And yet, outfits from Fashion Week has not been coming to an end... Meanwhile, I plan to post something else from my daily shoots. Anyway, the point of the post is the last two photos which were taken by Engin Pulat at the Fashion Week. I guess, these are the photos that I love the most of all. Thank you Engin! As any decent human beings do, I also like to share the work that I am really connected and loved. Have a supersonic Thursday!


I must say that there were other photos that we took for this outfit but I don't want to jinx these ones since Kayan Ergun sent me the photos which he took during the Fashion Week and I loved them! Some people are just so talented. If you search for his work or at least take a look at his Instagram account, you will see what I mean. Anyway, this was the second day outfit of MBFWI. You know, I love wearing single colored outfits and yet I love wearing all whites even more. On the other hand, I feel like I am losing interest in colourful clothes. It may be the time to pick some colourful items. Well, I do have a shopping list as you guess and as always but recently I spend my money for home decoration stuff. You might as well say that we created a new home. Oh, maybe I can write down a post about it. Xx, 

Lady Faith by Nazlı Soylu

If you follow my blog or my Instagram account, you would know that I am in self development stuff for a while. Unless you knew, this is the Introduction to Self Development 101 post. Basically, I am trying to live in that exact moment and let the wind blow me away. Still, it is not possible to write my experience and change here with a couple of sentences. Actually, there is a better way to tell you about it that I have been working on but it has quite a long way to take. While I was working on my kind of way about self development, last week at MBFWI Nazlı Soylu presented the best way to tell her own inner journey with an exquisite show. I had already thought her as a great designer since she does not only designing the perfect collections but also her genuine responses to my mails and yet I couldn't imagine this much of a show which enables me to find myself on a runway and I definitely do not expect to hear all those sentences that I tell myself almost every day! It was more than a runway show, more like a getting our inner energy out in the open and I watched it with goose bumps and tears on my eyes. Personal style and likes might be relative but I've never seen somebody who enables to transfer all of herself, her energy and inner peace to her work so solid. Maybe I admire the work so much since I realise that there are other people around me on the same ship and on this very personal journey. So, seeing the Inner Goddess Collection was a great experience for me. I wanted to thank Nazlı Soylu for her positive energy, her designs and everything. I can't wait to see more!

Bold & Sharp

Well, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul is finally over and yet I can barely post the first day's outfit. This week enabled me to think and reorganize my thoughts and besides helped me to make some important decisions about my work. Plus, lots of people that I had met this week! It couldn't be more efficient and it's not only about fashion base. Now, it's time to post the Fashion Week on the blog and breath & reboot for new comings. Anyway, I wore this old burgundy cardigan million times before, which left me from my mum  but it was the first time that I wore it as a dress. It seems like it won't be the last time. Xx,

#MBFWI Day1 - Ece Gözen

Yesterday was the first day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week  Istanbul. As most of the bloggers will do, I will be running around the runways and sharing the stuff that I liked on my blog. -Such a cliche but so much fun!- I decided to share one designer's collection that I love the most at a time instead of sharing them together. Here we are starting with talented Ece Gözen. As you might remember, last year I also posted her work - you can see it from here- and yet I need to post her collection this year as well. The collection had brought so many different adjectives together in a classy manner like grunge but minimalist and yet elegant and classy while it's so cool... Congratultions Ece for being so talented, creative and successful. The photos were taken by Mert. For more, my Instagram account works like an online blog. Keep in touch. Xx,

Sunset Through Glass

Here comes the beanie season, yay! If you still don't have any idea how much I love the beanies / hats, I want you to stop here and check the post's of the last year winter's. That's why when I saw this bunny beanie at Zara, immediately tended towards to the cash point. Anyway, last Tuesday my boyfriend and I finally made some time for the exhibitions that we wanted to see for a while. First, we visited SALT Beyoğlu for "Summer Homes" exhibition and then headed to Istanbul Modern for "One Hundred Years of Love" which is dedicated to celebrate the 100. years of Turkish Cinema. Both of them were more than great! Actually, I wanna go and see them again but in the meantime I need some rest since I got flu and yet this week is gonna be a crazy one. By the way, there is a lot going on in my life recently. I can't wait to share them with you and hope I will be sharing all of the stuff soon that I'm dealing with. Have a nice Sunday night and a week, as well. Xx,

Bare To #bw

Actually, I am loving these kind of posts with all the imperfections & flu -even ugly- scenes. It is felt more real and more like me. Honestly, more like a human-being with real me, all my flows and short-comings. I guess, I got so bored and annoyed with all the role playings that people do all the time. We are doing the wrong thing by trying to look like a person that we are not. We forget who we really are. We have all done this. The only thing that we need is to find the moments that make us remember who we are and not to take ourselves so serious. I found mine's and trying to increase the number of those. That's the kind of thing making someone very lucky. We all have those things but yet most of us are not aware of. Anyway, I wish you all a very good day with the awareness of your own realities at the side of a huge smile.

Black & Brown

Here is the first official AW14 post of the blog which was shot before the eid and here I am to post it on a chilly Wednesday noon. The look was picked to wear for a couple of things to do at school and then, a great sushi place that we stopped by with our friends. So, that was a pretty cozy day. By the way, I am a very lucky girl since I got to spend the holiday with my family in Izmir which I really love and did and ate and drank all the stuff that I've been missing. The weather was outstanding and we were almost heading to the south coast instead of coming back to the city unless my brother has stuff to do in Istanbul. Anyway, face to the truth: the vacation is over now and the winter is coming. I can't say that I am complaining about the truths now because I really really need to pull myself together since I've been traveling for a long time. It's time to settle because I feel a bit tired of all those rush. It's good to be back home and back to the normality. Now I can do my grocery shopping as I wish. Oh, I realized that I didn't suggest any songs as I do before. So, here is the song of my mood♫ Xx,

Mrs. Burgundy Meets Mr. White

Last week, my hand instantly went for the whites for the clothes and burgundy for the details. I love wearing solo-colored outfits. Have a nice week!

Fall Colors

I have to say that I loved this post and I think it's one of the best of all. A little ray of sunshine did change the whole atmosphere again and amazed us. Photos were shot on a day that I spent at school due to the internet disconnection at home. I know I am not much of a fall girl but the school is. Don't you think?

Game. Set. Match.

Please tell me: Is there any wide-open, free fields in İstanbul? Don't I see them since I've always been complaining about the chaos here? These photos were shot in Antalya last week after our mini vacation at Kaş. I really want to think that the reason that I am not aware of them is lack of my interest. Otherwise, I am 100% sure(!) that there are many many parks and sport fields in the city for public usage at the side of the sea which are clean and well-kept. Anyway, the pieces of my outfit were the last clean ones left in my bag. Do I look like that I fit the field with my whites and sneakers? Xx,

Vintage Me More!

I spent the weekend out of the city even though it was not on the plan. Well, I admit that I love to travel and I guess you all know that by now but  don't like it when it's about a winter town. Especially, when I was in my bikinis only ten days ago and wearing mini dresses at night like this post's outfit. The thing is I am going to keep on writing about the summer outfits although the winter is on the door. Fortunately, a new plan has been made and I am going to be out of town for this weekend but this time it is gonna be a place that I am deeply in love with since my childhood. Okey, promise, I won't be whining anymore after I am back from my final vacation. Xx,

Emerald Dress

It is felt so weird the fact that I was going for a swim only five days ago while I am trying to adopt the chilly weather in Istanbul now. I picked that outfit for the second night in Kaş where we've been in with my boyfriend last week and bidding farewell to the summer with the emerald dress which I wore 2 times in a row at the same week. See you next year back low cut dresses and no make up days...

The Story of The Past Weeks

I was worried about not posting anything in two weeks but couldn't do anything about it at all. I really didn't get how the time went incredibly fast. Since then, I travelled by plane for 4 times, by bus for 2 times and by car for 1 time. Woke up in 5 different cities in 5 days in a row and beat my personal record which is being in 3 different countries in 1 day. In the meantime, I had 1 very painful oral surgery, attended 1 engagement party and 1 wedding in 2 different cities and 2 family visits. I met new people at the places that I've been in. I went for swimming for 3 times and said goodbye to the summer with 1 of them. Packed for 12 times and woke up with the sound of the rain for 2 times. I ate 20 scoops of ice cream and had amazing food. 1 of them was homemade stuffed meatballs and other one was stuffed calamar with spinach and shrimps. I went off the diet for one time and on again. For the last thing, had smiles for million times. 

Sweet Autumn

 Last week, at Moda. I guess, it won't be necessary me to write again and again about how much I love Asian side of Istanbul. If you still didn't know about it, check my previous posts. Have a nice week.

Jeans Are Back?

Well, my hair has gone crazy and grows very fast and I can't make it look good at all. Need to run to my coiffeur but ohh, the laziness.. Better yet, there are weddings and engagements to attend. So, note to myself: Take the action and run to your hair dresser immediately! Anyway, last week, while I was preparing for the night which was a last minute call from my boy friend -again-, my hands instantly went for my jeans and it makes me kinda sad because you never ever see me in jeans in summer. -I don't even wear other kinda trousers unless they are soft and silky. See from the previous posts.- Moreover, I put them away till the end of the summer. That means summer is about to be over and I am starting to adopt post-summer clothes. Still, I will wear my shorts and mini-dresses as long as I can! I guess the best thing to do is not to bring jeans back for a little while. Have a supersonic day!

Very First Day of September

Here is a pair of new-in shoes to my wardrobe which I felt in love with the moment that I saw them. They were even better to wear for a Latin night with Ayhan Sicimoglu and Latin All Stars. Anyway, although I am a girl living with the sun power, now all I want is enjoy with the cool and cloudy weather outside on the very first day of September. It is too soon to be sad for welcoming the autumn, though. The summer is not over yet! Xx,

Sad Face

I was mad about something while we were shooting but I guess it is so obivous, right? I can't even remember what the issue was but it was nothing important. Hımmm, maybe the fact that these photos won't be so clear since the Sun had already gone but now I am even happy for not-so-clear photos. Anyway, who can be mad at something after a couple glasses of alcohol & meze and good sea food in Sıdıka, right? Xx,

Go Whites! -Again-

I had the weirdest day on Monday! I couldn't say more about it but I can tell you that I have a good feeling. About my outfit, these items which I'd bought them in different times were literally waiting for me to hit it off with my style. Don't you feel more innocent and happier when you wrap yourself up in whites?

Last Friday

When I use the color black & white over and over again, I have a feeling that other colors will feel alienated. So, I had a urge to use colorful items from my wardrobe asap. This is a look from a day like that. I'll be lying if I tell you that I didn't feel like Xena. The events were walking around with the lover and then dinner with the family. By the way, if you haven't tried 400 Derece's Pizzas in Teşvikiye, you need to give it a chance immediately. Xx,

10 Minutes

Here is a conversation between me and my boyfriend from last week, when I was absolutely not ready to go out yet.
-Honey, Are you ready? I am on my way.
- Yes, I am. Call me when you get here. (Fact: As I said, I was not ready at all but I was assuming he couldn't be here at last in an hour.)
Then, while I was thinking "What to wear?" in a complete care-free way without having no time anxiety, my phone was ringing again and my boy friend was telling me that he will be at home in 10 minutes(a little heart attack here)! So, here is a post which would be called as "Style Tips for Being Ready in 10 Minutes". First, you need to find your blessing little, black short which is the only item that enables me to bear the hot weather outside. After that, an XXXXL white shirt from your lover / dad / brother's wardrobe will be the next thing to put on. Then, it's middle size, colorful backpack's turn. Finally, put your darkest lipstick on and wear the biggest sunnies you have. Ta da! I am so glad my newset pair of Zara sandals suits with this outfit. Have a nice weekend! Xx,

Where The Grass Is Green and The Girls Are Pretty

Last Saturday, me and my boy friend headed to Caddebostan for a picnic. Sitting right next to the sea, watching the Sun to set and feeling the smell of grass can be easily classified as a therapy effect. Anyway, before the Sun went down, took few shoots there with my new love affair Soludos espadrilles. Planning to wear them as much as I can until the Summer is over. By the way, I am singing in quiet Paradise City from Guns&Roses, so the caption of the post is from them. Have a great weekend fellas! 

Light & Soft

On Sunday, after a full, tasteful breakfast, we took a break from enjoying with the fantastic four which are coffee-newspaper-books-puzzle and took those shoots. I am not a kind of women who wake up with knowing what they wanna wear that day. However, that Sunday was not one of those days. I exactly knew what I was gonna wear: "Something light!" It may sound a little bit odd when you put it like that but what I meant is something short, light, comfortable, one-piece and soft. I was drying my hair while thinking "Ezgi, there are no items on your wardrobe like you wanna wear today!" I couldn't think of anything. Even thought to buy something like that when I go shopping. -Did I ever mention you that I am the worst of the worsts when it comes to remember the clothes on my wardrobe?- Anyway, I went in front of my wardrobe, opened it up and ta ta! My old and faithful black, silky dress was there. La la laaaa! Well then, Is there anyone who doesn't like the recent cool weather? If you ask me, I am so grateful for it! 

Hot and the City

I am preparing to welcome new thing into my life. Actually, I even don't know exactly what these "things" are going to be. So my brain & heart live in a place which is under control of excitement and scare. Last Friday was the day which enabled some of the news to become definite. I picked that outfit for business/family dinner for the night but before that, me and my boyfriend visited some decoration stores which is our one of the favorite activities as a couple. Even though we don't buy a thing, it's always good to dream on. On the other hand, the weather didn't help at all! It was so hot and we were literally melting under the Sun when these shoots were being taken and what's worse it was about to sunset. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we did! Xx,

Contrast With White

And here I am with the last post of the holiday! On the last night, I decided on white and silver gray while I got a tan. My recent obsession white eye liner kept me company. A little break to those bronze posts until the next vacation! Xx,


One of the best part of being on a vacation is spending more time with the nature. Example: We were trying to pick up some olives from the tree, right before decided to shoot here with my brother Efe. The shadows literally amazed us. This mini dress was made from a maxi dress by me. -I can't get along with maxi dresses.- Now, I wear it on the beach with my comfy flip flops and also wear it for a night out with high heels. Can you believe I only wore it once before I shortened it? On these photos, we were about to prepare for our guests for the night. Do you have any clothes which as recycled by you like mine?