Back to the Nest

  I was in Van (a city of Eastern part of Turkey) last weekend. There are a lot of things to share with you about that but it is gonna have to wait for a while. Meanwhile, I became a homesick alien in 2 days and I missed everything about home. Here is a collection of some. I will tell you a secret(!): There is no place like home. It's time to lie in bed. Enjoy! Xoxo
Geçtiğimiz haftasonu Van'daydım. O konu ile alakalı paylaşacak pek çok şey var; ancak biraz beklemesi lazım. Bu sırada, ben de 2 günde ev hasretiyle yanıp tutuşan tuhaf bir insana dönüştüm ve evimin içindeki her şeyi özledim. Ev gibisi yok! Xoxo

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