White Boots Kind of Day

Last Saturday, we were to have a dinner at dear Gamze Alpar's home -owner of the Mata Hari Magazine- to pre-celebrate New Year. Before that, my boyfriend and I needed to do grocery shopping for the New Year's Eve. I am so excited to host my friends this year! This outfit was picked for that exciting and sunny day. I have some new year's resolutions but I actually believe that we don't need to wait for New Year to come for new decisions in our lives. This is a typical human behavior. We always need some pretext to start fresh.
P.s: This may be the last post of 2013! I wish you all a happy new year! I hope 2014 will bring you whatever you need! Listen to this song while you look through this post. Xx

Touch of Orange

Can't I create an outfit under the name of office style chicness, even though there is no office that I need to go? I think, I can. I don't know if it's all the work that I have to do by sitting in a chair in front of a computer, I found  myself wearing these. I am having little affairs with my the turtlenecks recently. This orange one is new-in at home. So, It was dominated all the others. If there is really a phrase like "office chicness" (it always sounds funny to me), I woke up in that mood and went to a park instead. It's better not to hear all those stupid things in these days. especially if you are a swing-lover... :)

Green on Green

We discovered very different places since we had started to shoot photos. It's definitely the matter of perceptual selectivity. I wanted to wear something different than my recent "rock chic" mood. I was freezing before I left home. So, I wrapped myself up. As I mentioned my previous post, I feel optimistic these days. I basically live in a pink dreamy world. That's why you see pink and relaxing green this much on me today. I am also a bit excited about the upcoming event: The New Year! It's not that I have so big plans or anything. You know that feeling, don't you? :) By the way, this is the song of the day from me to you. It's almost weekend (?), hang in there people!

Black & Maroon Lines

Welcome to my new post that I created with the same fur again. It will be going on for a while. This time, I am not going to mention the sunny weather. It speaks for itself, anyway. We shot these photos at Ulus Park which is so close to our home. It was a great place and the light was so good, as well. The day had started as one of these classic Mondays but turned into a fun one. By the way, recently there is a lot going on in my life. There are some new exciting projects coming along. I feel like it's time to crank all things going on in my life up a notch. The friends of mine say the same things and mention the similar improvement of their lives. Are you also in a positive improvement process, as well? If so, what a nice life we have!
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Xx, Ezgi

Let's Celebrate...

Nowadays, I wake up into a sunny Istanbul. As you can realize, I've been mentioning the sun a lot on my recent posts. I guess, the weather determines my mood and life these days. Anyway, on Friday when I woke up and saw the sun shining, I needed to give a chance to my loafers. Besides, we were going to celebrate a special occasion. Who cares about the weather even if it's terrible? My boyfriend and I were going to celebrate our 5th anniversary and this year I was the one who were to pick the venues. First, we went to Que Tal Tapas on Tunel for the dinner. I can't think of any place that is so good for Spanish cuisine. Sangria was so good and all the food was so, as well. If you are a latin-lover, you should see the place. After the dinner, we stopped in Wolf Junior which was opened recently. My boyfriend is a great enthusiast of American food; so he got all happy when he saw the menu and got the super-size portions. They also serve re-fill coffee which is a first to me in Istanbul. We will go there for a breakfast since I hanker after the 'egg benedict.' :) By the way, I am getting more and more anxious while choosing a cafe / restaurant in Istanbul, since food sector is growing so fast and over-charging places appear a lot. I've become a person who doesn't prefer to go a new cafe immediately after they're opened. Wouldn't you feel so well when you had full satisfaction by the place that you went for the first time?

Saturday Joy

It's been a long week for me. It was fun but it made me feel exhausted as well. Time to enjoy being at home! Now, I'm reading magazines that I couldn't take time off. I am taking up my blog. I guess, in an hour My boy friend and I will cook for dinner. There is no place like home (Is this the second time that I came up with the same sentence? :)) I am freshen up and turning back to my soul again. I definitely prefer saturdays rather than sundays. On sundays, a feeling like dark sadness sit on me ever since my childhood. That's why today is precious for me. Have an amazing saturday!
Çook uzun bir hafta oldu benim için. Çok yoruldum; ama eğlenceliydi aslında. Şimdi evde keyif yapıyorum. Okuyamadıklarımı okuyorum; blogumla ilgileniyorum. Erkek arkadaşımla yemek yapacağız. Bazen evde olmak gibisi yok. Ruhum temizleniyor, tazeleniyor. Ben pazar'cı değil; cumartesi'ciyim kesinlikle. Çocukluktan kalma bir huzursuzluk olarak hep pazar akşamları üzerime bir hüzün çöker. O yüzden bugün değerli benim için. Keyfini çıkarın. Mutlu cumartesiler!

Dilan Bozyel ♥

Geçen haftalarda canım Dilan Bozyel ile bir röportaj yapmıştım; ancak koyuyorum bloğa. Sanırım kimsenin deşifresini yapmaktan bu kadar keyif almamıştım. Geçen haftalarda Karaköy’e gidip bıdır bıdır konuşmuşuz. Yazarken de sonu gelmesin istedim. Okurken de öyle gelecek eminim. Teşekkür ederim Dilan! Ne güzel insansın sen! ☺
 P.s: Fotoğraflarımız Mert çekti, Dilan’cığım da bizim için editledi. Bunun için de ayrıca teşekkür. :* 

A Sunny Day in the Winter

When the sun shines on the sky, I have a feeling that everything is how they are exactly supposed to be. I have never had any problems with the seasons but sometimes I miss summer and the sun in the middle of the winter. When the sun pops up and blinks from the sky, I put a huge smile up on my face out of nowhere. These photos were taken in a sunny afternoon and you see my happiness, right? Oh god, never take the sun away from us! Xx, Ezgi

Almost a Tomboy

I realized how much I love high heels and how rare I wear them. As soon as I noticed, I wanted to catch up. I realized something else: What would I do if I don't live with a boy? Apparently, I use men's wardrobe a lot recently. I created a tomboy. :) We are still enjoying the fact that we had a fine camera. My boy friend and I are playing a game in the street of Istanbul with that camera. It's so fun! By the way, you can also follow me with my new facebook page. Have a nice day people! -There is a little fun at the end of the post, dive in the post.-

Denim & Red are Good Together

 As I said before, I was in Van for the weekend. In order to protect myself from extremely cold weather, I was in my best watertight boots which are so heavy. So, I wanted to get rid of the burden for the night. Also, I was going to be inside for dinner with my boyfriend.Yes, I explained all those things above for you to not to call me crazy for wearing Converses in the middle of the winter. :)  I have another news! Finally, I bought the camera that I've been dreaming of. We are still learning how to use it properly. In a few weeks, these fashion shoots will be better. I trust my boyfriend about that. Forgive me for still having "not that good" kind of photos. By the way, I realized that I didn't give any movie / TV series advices for a long time. There is one thing worth to recommend: Bron ! You must watch it. Here is the soundtrack of it that I simply adore. Have a nice Tuesday!

Back to the Nest

  I was in Van (a city of Eastern part of Turkey) last weekend. There are a lot of things to share with you about that but it is gonna have to wait for a while. Meanwhile, I became a homesick alien in 2 days and I missed everything about home. Here is a collection of some. I will tell you a secret(!): There is no place like home. It's time to lie in bed. Enjoy! Xoxo

It's Cold Outside

There is no rule like wearing your jean shirt under your turtle-neck every-time, right? Well, If it is, I broke the rule. Ops! Yesterday was like crazy cold and I am going somewhere even colder. Thank god, we have Instagram to follow each other and we are mobile-er than ever. You can enjoy your weekend like I always do -playing snowball, spending time at home, planning your New Year's Eve, listening Michael Buble - Christmas, trying new recipes with your boy / girl friend, doing some readings that you have never had time to do-. I guess, I like Winter because of it giving me so much time for just myself. Have a nice weekend everyone. I am commending Istanbul to you. 

Inspiration: #coat

I guess, I was the only one left who haven't posted anything about coats. Here I am! It's snowy here in Istanbul. So, Coats are the first thing coming to my mind when It comes to create an outfit for the day. That's why I was seeking for inspiration photos and I found them. I hope they can make your day, as well. Happy snows! 

Pre-New Year

 Everywhere is shining. I know why I like December that much because it screams  "Happy New Year!" Shopping has always been something that I enjoy but at this time of the year, I assume everyone is getting a bit excited than ever. (I am a fashion maniac, I am; but grocery shopping is my new yoga) At the weekend, my boy friend and I planned our New Year party and did some shopping. I am looking forward to 31st of December to come soon. Happy New Year, in advance. :) Come on, let it snow!

I am Obsessed With...

The same thing happened: I went to the campus for no reason. Actually, there are plenty of space to take fine photos there. While I was going there, I guess I got influenced by the idea of being preppy. I created a different version with a fake fur. Apparently that's an outfit representing a mix of different styles that I've been obsessed about lately. Especially, the red lipstick is the deepest obsession. Have a nice weekend!

Belgrade Baby!

Last weekend I was in Belgrad with my friends. Well, I expected the weekend to be good but honestly I didn't expect that much fun and different experiences from Belgrade. I won't be like a tourist info lady but I need to suggest some of the places that I'd been. (Apparently Belgrade became an escape for Turkish people, so maybe you guys will need a guidance.) You should go Villa Mask for good mood & food. Little Bay will be an amazing experience, I am telling you! You never know when the opera singer jumps in your table. Skadarlija is the best spot for a little Balkan music. Don't come back without enjoyin' it! Supermarket Concept Store could be interesting for those who like designers and good food, as well. I made a collection of the photos that remind me my best times and those places that I've mention above. See you in next trip! Xx, Ezgi.

December is Here

Since I like dressing more in winter, I was looking forward to the cold weather. Rain is something I like if and only I am sitting at home with a cup of coffee, though.  I don't imagine anyone who enjoys rain while rushing in İstanbul. Yesterday was the first day that I wore my thickest top. It seems that December will be cold as expected. By the way, did I mention that December is my second favorite month after May? 

Monday Haters Became Lovers

A weekend classic: going so fast, having so much fun and  turning to an overeater & drinker... I needed a fresh start to Monday since I overdid the part of overeating & drinking. I can't say a word about unhealthy food which has the fact that are so delicious and also has a lot calories. They are the kings of all. However, I feel extremely happy about my own healthy living system that I've been into. In short, first photo is representing my heart, others are my mind. Rule #1: No sugar at all! Rule #2: Avocado is a life-saver. Apparently, the lead part is its this week. Your song of the day is here. I bet it makes you feel better. Have a nice week everyone!